AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 1/29/10

The guys are back with what might be the last Mattel Q&A before Toy Fair.  Thanks to Toy Guru and Manic Mike!

1. We’ve heard of a lot of collectors getting the DC Universe Classics wave 11 Deadman variant in their shipments from online retailers, including (who had said that was the only figure not included in their sets). Were the production ratios off?

DCUC 11 Deadman 001.jpgDCUC 11 Deadman 004b.jpgDCUC 11 Deadman 006.jpgDCUC 11 Deadman 014.jpgDCUC 11 Deadman 022.jpg

This was an error in fans’ favor. Going forward the chase version in each wave will be only at retail and not in the sets.

[Editor’s note – for more pictures, check out Buzzy Fret’s DC Universe Classics 11 review – part 1 | part 2]

2. With the enduring popularity of James Cameron’s Avatar, are there plans for any additional waves of toys?

We do have a few ideas in mind but are not ready to announce anything yet.

3. I think a lot of people would be interested in how you determine how many of each particular Masters of the Universe Classics character to make, especially where past sales may not necessarily be related. For example, Adora is the first Princess of Power character, so what helped you figure out how many more to make beyond the subscription? Did you think it should have been a higher number? How far ahead of the sales date do you have to tell the factories the quantity to make?

The first thing we look at is the number of subscribers. In 2010, we had way more subscribers then in 2009 so we use that as a base number. From there we will produce some additional units for day-of-sale based on the sell-through rate of previous figures. We can really only affect figures about seven months ahead with any change in production quantity. After a year of figures we have a pretty good idea of what demand is per figure. The best way for fans to guarantee a figure is to sign up each summer for the Club Eternia subscription! Our plan is to keep production above and beyond the subscription relatively small. Subscribers will get the priority for this line. Most figures going forward will likely sell out in a few hours for non subscribers.

4. It looks like the Castle Grayskull Diorama & Stands on sale next month will fit together side to side – will they also work fit together front to back? Will each of the five stands in the pack come with multiple wall sections, or will the same wall piece come with each of the stands?

The stands don’t actually click together, but they can be placed next to each other from any direction to make up a floor map with a small gap between stands. The wall section is the same for each stand.

5. This is the last Q&A before Toy Fair. Can you tease us with obscure hints on what we might be seeing for each of the collector lines?

We’ll have one new wave of DCUC figures, new JLU singles and three-packs, about four new MOTU figures, one or two new Ghostbusters and the next wave of Retro Action figures plus a few other surprises! Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich will be on hand for an extensive live Q & A.

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