Masters of the Universe Classics Battle Cat

Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics keep cranking out some awesome figures, and today we’re taking a look at one of the most anticipated Masters of the Universe figures of the year – Battle Cat! Ordering issues aside (more on that later), this release is one of the best, if not the best, figures in the line! The first “giant beast” of the line, Battle Cat is about 12 inches long from head to tail and he stands about 5 inches from his paws to the highest point in his back. He’s a pretty good sized figure and worth the money paid ($30) if you’re a fan of Masters of the Universe toyline.



Battle Cat’s packaging is very nice. I’m not a mint on card collector, so I pretty much trash the packaging after I open them. But damn, that packaging looks so good that I may have to keep it! The white shipper boxes they’ve been using also adds a nice touch, perfect for storing it away to avoid any damage to the packaging.



Sculpting-wise, the pictures do the talking!  Cringer and the Battle Cat armor are both excellent sculpts!  Cringer carries a scowling face (not the ‘fraidy cat face he has in the cartoons) on his head, and his whole body is covered with some fur detailing. The paints on him are all crisp; his armor has metallic colors in certain sections (like the horns and studs), a nice little detail. The armor fits very well on his body and his head, there are no issues whatsoever in putting the armor on and off.



He also has excellent articulation, with ball-jointed head, shoulders, hips (with some limited inward/outward movement) and tail. He’s got up/down neck and torso (this part also swivels around) movement. His limbs are also well articulated: the front legs have ball-jointed elbows and wrists and the back legs have 2 hinge joints and ball jointed paws that mimics the cat anatomy pretty well. Oh, and he has a hinged mouth that opens and closes.

You can get some interesting poses out of Battle Cat. He looks great in a neutral standing pose, and you can get some pretty good feline poses out of him. With some assistance (from any stand) you can stand him on his hind legs and get a great attack pose out of him. Check out the pics to see how many different poses I got out of him!



What an awesome figure! I was so excited when they announced him because I never had a Battle Cat figure as a kid (I wanted one bad though!) Now, pretty much we all know what happened that morning of February 16th. Myself, I had Battle Cat and Trapjaw in my cart, was about to pay when they disappeared and was told they were sold out. There were many similar experiences by others concerning the reissue Man at Arms and the shipping coupon, and many did not get their figures in a similar fashion. Imagine the disappointment I felt!

A week later, my order was resolved by Digital River (after a couple of phone calls and emails) and I finally got my toys. I have to say that was a pretty upsetting experience (if you’re a big fan you’ll understand!), and I really hope that Mattel and Digital River fixes all the glitches that the website has. It would be a shame if this great line lost supporters due to awful buying experiences! The good news is that they are reissuing Battle Cat and Trapjaw in the fall (no set date yet), so the people who lost out can still have a chance to own these awesome figures! I have to say though if you don’t have Battle Cat yet, it’ll be worth the wait.


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  1. Those are some ridiculously awesome pics. I really like DSCN3847 a lot–just a great cat pose. Well done and thank you.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys! I had a blast taking pics of Battle Cat, the figure is really well done, and very photogenic! Welcome Mr. Kane!

  3. How did you get your issue resolved? I went through the whole process of getting a Battle Cat and Man At Arms, not seeing Trap Jaw even available as a choice, at noon on that Tuesday, and my order seemed to go through, but after waiting and eventually checking my bank account to see if I was charged, found my order in my Matty order history as “Unsubmitted”. I went back and forth with customer service several times, with ridiculous replies, telling me to just place a new order, when these figures almost instantly sold out.

    What exactly is Digital River? Can they help me? I feel I was ripped off for no fault of my own, when I was there and did everything right, but now I’ll have to either go to eBay and pay who knows how much, or wait until the fall. Additionally, as I missed Man At Arms the first time, and again, now, I doubt they’d re-re-issue him. Please, if you have any way of helping me, having been through a similar situation, I’d much appreciate it. I’d imagine they’d have to have some put aside for customer issues, or even to bring to conventions or whatever. Thanks!


  4. Hey Zach, well I had a back and forth email, and phone calls with them and at first they didn’t want to help me out. For some reason, a week later Digital River decided to correct some of the orders that got messed up. I called 1-877-466-2889, talked to someone, they asked for my reference number (mine was unsubmitted), and I guess they checked their records on what time I did my order to see if I was telling the truth. They then proceeded to fulfill my order. I honestly don’t know what happened there. Some people theorize that they’re selling their “reserve” figures (the ones they use as replacement for returned figs). I don’t know if this was Mattel-approved as they released a statement about not calling customer service to order “reserve” figures. You can try calling that number and see what you get, but I’m thinking a lot of people have probably tried and if they did have some to sell they might be gone. I would’ve waited ’til the fall to pick him up instead of paying high prices on ebay, if I hadn’t gotten mine. Hope that helps.

  5. Well, thanks for the advice. Just out of curiosity, what is Digital River? Additionally, do you know, by any chance, if Mattel has ever mentioned possibly re-releasing figures so popular they sold out immediately, even in their initial re-release? Thanks, again.


  6. Zach, that’s a good question, currently they have Superman/He-Man 2 packs at toys r us, which can be considered another re-release of He-Man (although he is in his comic book colors), maybe Ron has an answer to 3rd re-issues of characters. Most reissues lasted a couple of days though (Skeletor and He-Man might be an exception). Info on Digital River can be found here:

  7. Those photos make me want one even more. Curse you! I can’t afford another series of figures to collect. 🙁

  8. This totally brought me back to my childhood!! I loved my Battle Cat!! This is definitely a great one!!

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