DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Lineup Revealed?

There’s been a lot of speculation on who will be included in DC Universe Classics Wave 15. With wave 13 shipping (see Buzzy’s awesome DC Universe Classics Wave 13 review) and wave 14 going exclusively to Wal-Mart, it feels like we’re due for a reveal soon. Today, AFP reader Bruno emailed me with an interesting tidbit – CmdStore and their retail arm, Toys on Fire, have listed the wave 15 figures individually:

  • Martian Manhunter – normal head and alien head variants
  • Starman – modern and vintage variants
  • Jemm
  • Omac
  • Batman (Sinestro Corps)
  • Golden Pharaoh
  • Raven (Fan’s Choice)

From the listings, I’d guess that Martian Manhunters would be split 70/30 and Starmen 50/50, since there’s an assortment that includes both Starman variants and a random Manhunter. I checked the AFP sponsors, Big Bad Toy Store and Enchanted Toy Chest – they have both still not revealed the individual figures in the assortment. But there was an interesting tidbit on the Corner Store Comics listing – that images would be revealed tomorrow, May 15.

As this wave has yet to be officially revealed by Mattel, I’d take this lineup with a boulder-sized grain of salt. If the listing is accurate, perhaps CmdStore was able to reveal it because they’re based in Canada. And even so, we’re still in the dark as far as the Collect and Connect figure for the wave.  Any guesses?

Big thanks to Bruno for the tip.

7 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Lineup Revealed?”

  1. If this wave 15 line-up is correct it means that they will have completed the 1984 Super-Powers line of characters and the plug could be pulled anytime.

    I hope not – I’d like to see the Doom Patrol and the Legion fleshed out as well as a few more villains like Brother Blood, the Time Trapper and Granny Goodness. It would be nice to get a young-adult Dick Grayson Robin and a new Kid Flash too (maybe on the Sinestro body?)and If they’d make Speedy and Aqualad that would be tops!

    I can dream, can’t I? Best – Jon

  2. Amazon has posted the line up for some time now, almost a month. They still dont have pics however and neither does Corner Store, though their website says pics are coming today (15 May). It should be about 1000 in California now so maybe they will do it later in the day. Personally I cant get over that other companies will post info/pictures on this Mattel line before Mattel does.

  3. Straight from Corner store’s website today:

    “DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Set of Eight Figures
    We can’t reveal the line-up and images until May 15th, but we can tell you that the next wave of DC Universe Classics from Mattel shows great promise. For you DC die-hards, you can start reserving your complete set of eight, including the 50/50 variant (but not including the “chase” variant.) If you want all nine figures, please check our other Wave 15 offering, which has both variants”

    This is a lie, at least the bit about images for the 15th. We called them and the girl there said pics wont show until Monday because their webmaster is not there on the weekends. Not sure if I’d be comfortable placing orders with these people if they cant even get this right.

  4. @Jon

    They still have 2 more figures left to make for Superpowers: Grayson Robin and Samurai.

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