DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Sinestro Corps Batman

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And now it’s time for another exciting episode of ActionFigurePics.com’s “Later” Look at DC Universe Classics wave 15! Tonight’s episode: Batman – Bold n’ Spicy, Sinestro Corps Style!

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It’s Batman in a Sinestro Corps uniform! Lotsa yellow and ready to kick ass! Basically it’s a DCUC Batman with some cool little changes to make him fit in with Sinestro’s lil club.

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New Head Sculpt! For the SC Batman, the Horsemen have give us a new head equipped with an extremely PO’d expression. At first, I wasn’t too crazy about it, mostly because of the chiclet teeth (term courtesy of my pal, phinneas curmudgeon). But now that I’ve had Bat-estro a while and shot a bunch of pics of him for this review, I’m starting to warm up to it. Maybe I’m getting burned out on the emotionless expressions on most of the DCUC figures?

Along with the new noggin’, Bat-estro has gold, segmented gloves to match the forearm apparel of the other Sinestro Corp figures, a SC style belt and a very nicely sculpted SC ring that actually has some visible detail. And let’s not forget the bright yellow Sinestro Corp costume details! The yellow painted details on mine are a little fuzzy on the edges but the SC emblem on his chest and left arm are sharp and crisp.

I’d say my biggest complaint about SC Batman (and all other DCUC Batman figures) is that his cape is too stiff, thick and heavy. I really wish Mattel would have the factory make Batsy’s cape with a thinner, lighter material. If you’re reading ToyGuru, I’m telling you it would greatly improve customer satisfaction. 😉

DCUC 15 SC Batman 018.jpg

Construct! The fun isn’t over yet, Bat-Fans! SC Batman comes with a cool, giant, yellow bat-a-rang construct that fits snugly over his right fist. He is so ready to inspire fear!

DCUC 15 SC Batman 010.jpgDCUC 15 SC Batman 016.jpgDCUC 15 SC Batman 017.jpgDCUC 15 SC Batman 019.jpg

DCUC 15 SC Batman 021.jpg

Like Jemm, SC Bat-estro was another figure from this wave that I wasn’t super crazy about, but dammit if he isn’t fun to pose and play with! With the rage fueled visage on his mug, Bat-estro looks way more ready to kick ass than the previous Batmans with their stern, blue steel facial expressions.

DCUC 15 SC Batman 025.jpg

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5 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Sinestro Corps Batman”

  1. This is a want for me. Can’t wait to see how far down the “Lantern Road” Mattel is willing to go with variants for other heroes/villains.

  2. I bought this guy at KMart for the Validus part, and I actually ended up liking that snarling head sculpt. Curious to see it on a regular Batman buck.

  3. Right, Sandman21xxi – I’ll be swapping this head onto a Gotham 5 pack Batman to spice him up. $15 is a lot to pay for a head but I need the C and C piece anyway so might as well have some fun with it!

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