DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Raven Quick Pics


Hey y’all, here’s some Quick Pics of Raven from DC Universe Classics Wave 15. I couldn’t resist picking her up at my local comic book store. It was either her or the Martian. Ladies first, so I picked her up! She is awesome! I thought I would be bothered by her cape sculpt, but I actually like it!


I nicked her nose taking her out of the package, grrr! Have some scissors handy when you take her out because her cape is really wedged in the plastic tray!


Her cape is really soft and flexible, very nice! And because it is very light, I have no issues with her balance, she stands really well!



I have to say, of all the Teen Titans made so far she is the best one. Starfire’s too small and Kid Flash is a shrimp. I do like Wonder Girl and Cyborg though. Gar would’ve been nice in his proper costume. Wave 16’s Robin kinda rounds out the basic gang. Then they have to get to Speedy and Aqualad!



Start checking your K-Marts as they have first dibs on Wave 15, as far as retail is concerned. Online and local comic book stores have started getting them though.

Hopefully Buzzy gets his set soon so he can do a full review on the whole wave, so stay tuned!

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed the pics and thanks for looking!


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  1. Love the pics! Can’t wait to get this Wave myself. Raven looks fantastic, I was worried about the cape, but it looks awesome.
    I love her sculpt hopefully they will make us a Roulette out of this figure too:)

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