DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Found At Target Today

Hey all you DCUC Fans!

I saw a couple reports on the Fwoosh DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Discussion Thread that collectors in the southeast were finding DCUC 16 at Targets today, so I saddled up, trucked on over to the local Target and, POW, there they were! I picked up the 3 you see in the hastily snapped pic and left Creeper, GA Head Robin and All Star Wave 10 Batman on the shelf. Mercury and Az-Bats were MIA.

I hope this means that Target has blown out all their old DCUC stock and are going to come back strong with the new Waves because the 3 Wal-Marts here have removed DCUC from their Toy Departments.

I’ll have some more DCUC 16 pics up soon!