AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 3/1/11

Here’s our first Ask Matty since Mattel’s showing at Toy Fair. Let us know if you’ve got other questions you want answered. Read the full article and leave a reply below.

Thanks to the Mattel team for this round of questions and answers.

1) You really had us fooled when you told us that folks had lost interest in the Crime Syndicate – they all look great! What was the thinking behind mixing up modern and classic costumes, and what should folks expect for how long they might need to wait to complete either team?

Crime Syndicate box set (1280x854).jpg

The upcoming Wal-Mart Crime Syndicate five-pack was designed by the Horsemen to create the most definitive version of each character. We may indeed revisit the Syndicate in time (as there were many looks for the members) but nothing to confirm right now.

2) With Toyman, fans of the SuperFriends will be able to complete their Legion of Doom collections. All of the villains will have been released in their SuperFriends look, with the exception of Bizarro, who had more of monstrous physique when he was released (first in the DC Super Heroes line). Any chance we will see Bizarro re-released with a more regular superhero physique? This could also double as a classic Bizarro from the comics.

A “Super Powers” Bizarro has been in and out of the line-up a few times. Only time will tell if we are able to take another shot at him in this design.

3) We’re totally psyched to see Arkham City figures planned from Mattel. We understand that it wasn’t the Four Horsemen who worked on these. Can you share who were the folks who worked on those prototypes? They also look to be bigger than DC Universe Classics – were those in the planned size, or are their still adjustments to the scale planned?

The Arkham City figures were sculpted by our in-house design team headed up by Bill Benecke.

4) You mentioned that the She-Ra re-release will be on a new female buck. What changes are being incorporated in that buck? Do any of the figures revealed (Bikini Teela or Catra) also use that new buck?

It is too early to go into specifics quite yet. You’ll need to wait until SDCC for the full reveal! The Horsemen are looking into fan requests like more articulation, a height adjustment and a maskless head.

5) With Vinz Clortho, all of the major players from the first Ghostbusters movie, except for Dana Barrett and Janine Melnitz, will be on our toy shelves. Can you comment on your rights to Sigourney Weaver’s and Annie Potts’s likenesses, and when we might expect to see them in action figure form?

We have movie #1 rights to both characters but not locked down plans right now for the figures release dates. Clearly these are two characters essential to the line which we would like to get to in time.

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3 thoughts on “AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 3/1/11”

  1. I’m pretty upset about the whole mismatched crime syndicate 5 pack- This was a chance for them to do a whole 5 pack of the modern costumes since 2 of the classics had already been released (which I purposely avoided since they are not my preferred variation). Combining the classic and modern costumes together seems like just another way to swindle a few extra dollars out of fans looking to complete one of the variations of the team. Now if I decide to get this pack I’ll have 2 out of the 5 figures laying in a drawer somewhere never to see the light of day as it would just be a constant reminder of wasted money.

    Going forward I hope Matty decides to keep its multi-packs line specific like the Legion pack due for release- Thats the first, and seemingly only multipack that truly makes any sense (the GL pack having 3 reissued characters left a bad taste in my mouth, as did the Gotham City 5 pack- at least with the gotham city pack they gave those of use that had a hard time finding two-face and catwoman a wonderfully done reissue, but honestly did we need another batman and what the hell was superman doing in there!?). I understand that sometimes the only way to justify the packs to places like walmart are to have the iconic heros in there, but at that point I’d rather have them reconsider the whole idea and either do a web-exclusive or just single character reissues. I have drawers full of double figures at this point and its getting to the point if it doesn’t stop, I may have to.

  2. I just gotta say ABOUT TIME. I’ve been waiting for them to make the CSA figures since the earth 2 story and they redid Owlman (couldn’t stand that stupid fake owl head) and gave him a suit worthy of his evil genius and I was afraid that they would make the classic’s for them all. I don’t mind the old style for Quick and Power Ring especially since thats what they’re wearing in the new JLA storyline (except for Quick’s helmet is missing). The only other thing I’m waiting on now is an Owlman figure from the Brave and the Bold cartoons. I like that outfit even more than the comic book version, I think it looks more like Batman’s.

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