Mattel Ghostbusters Update and Toy Fair Pics

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Seeing the Ghostbusters update from Mattel reminded me that I *still* haven’t finished posting everything from Toy Fair. I know – there’s just no excuse. Shown above is the Winston shown at Toy Fair. Talyn was at C2E2 this weekend and will have pics including the updated Winston up on Monday. Based on the update, it sounds like Winston might not come out in July.

>> See our Ghostbusters pics from the Mattel Collector Event at Toy Fair.

Hey Ghostbusters Fans, we’re hard at work on the 2011 line and wanted to give you the latest on these upcoming figures…

Slimeblower Winston. He’ll be released this summer (date TBD). The figure shown at NYTF had the incorrect head, ungloved forearms, and gloves hanging on the belt. The figure that will be shown at C2E2 is updated, but still not final. He’ll have the correct head, gloved hands and forearms, and the corrected belt with no gloves.

12″ Ray & Egon. Scheduled for release this fall (date TBD). The NYTF version had the incorrect jumpsuits and the version at C2E2 will be incorrect as well. The final version will be tan and will have the Ghostbusters 2 patch and removable name tags. They’ll also include gray jumpsuits that will allow their suits to be interchangeable.

So that’s what we know at the moment. We’ll post updates and images as their release dates get closer.


Toy Fair 2011 – Four Horsemen Interview – Part 1 with Eric Treadaway

Four Horsemen Mattel Toy Fair 2011 (1280x719).jpg
Four Horsemen and Mattel (l to r): Chris Dahlberg, Steed Sun (Mattel), Eric "Cornboy" Mayse, Eric Treadaway, and Jim Preziosi

The Four Horsemen have a Four Horsemen Fridays feature on their website, so we’ll hop on their coat tails for that. Hagop and I got to sit down with two of them at Mattel’s Collector Event at Toy Fair. It was really a treat talking to them, while surrounded by the 2-ups and prototypes of the action figures they’ve designed.

In our first part, we talk with Eric Treadaway, designer and sculptor, about Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Universe Classics, and fan reaction to some of the controversial reveals. We’ll post the second part, our conversation with Cornboy, on the Fwoosh next week.

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Toy Fair 2011 – Mattel More DC Comics Update

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With DC Universe Classics and Green Lantern Classics covered, there’s still a lot to be covered in the DC Comics brand. I’ll cover the remaining lines, with the exception of the Green Lantern movie toys, in this article.

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Toy Fair 2011 – Mattel DC Universe Classics and Green Lantern Classics Report

Crime Syndicate box set (1280x854).jpg

Mattel managed to wow me with their DC Universe Classics on display at Toy Fair yesterday, despite the persistent leaks of upcoming waves of figures in the main line. There have been broadly discussed rumors that wave 17 of DC Universe Classics would consist of the Rainbow Deputies in Blackest Night, and more recently the focus had been on wave 18 being made up mostly of the remaining SuperFriends, Black Vulcan, Samurai, El Dorado, and Apache Chief. And yes – it was all confirmed yesterday.

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