WonderCon 2011 – DC Universe Classics

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Continuing our coverage of WonderCon from last weekend, here’s the updates for DC Universe Classics. There were a couple of items I hadn’t seen in other than official press shots, and the official reveal was for the 2-up of Karate Kid for the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes Mattycollector.com exclusive.

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Let me start with the Crime Syndicate 5-pack, which mixes classic and modern iterations of the Earth-3’s version of the Justice League. First off, sorry for the aggressive flash – these are probably my favorite DC figures coming from Mattel in the near future, so I shot these first. They’re indicated as coming to Wal-Mart this summer – I thought previous reports had indicated no more retailer exclusives, but this may be an exception.

The mix of modern and classic doesn’t bother me so much, but I can understand the anxiety that collectors may have a long wait for the final 2 figures from each of the teams.

We’d seen the SuperFriends wave (DC Universe Classics wave 18) at Toy Fair, but Mattel didn’t have Apache Chief on hand back then. It makes for an interesting display, since 18 is still shown here in the 2-up form, while the Apache Chief Collect and Connect figure is shown at production size. I think the Four Horsemen have done some of their finest head sculpts for this group.

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Karate Kid was a new reveal for WonderCon. The Legion of Super-Heroes 12-pack is still coming to MattyCollector.com, and while I didn’t get the timing, I think it’s probably still later in the year, given that we still have more figures to be revealed. Frank Varela did mention that he just finished work on the packaging for it – you’ll be able to see all the figures in it, and LoSH fans will instantly recognize it. Frank wouldn’t say any more, but I suspect it’s going to be cool.

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To wrap up, Mattel had production samples of the Rainbow Lantern wave (DC Universe Classics wave 17) on hand, so these must be close to retail. I hadn’t seen the Anti-Monitor outside of official press pics, so it was nice to see him compared to the actual figures for a size comparison.

I noted some detail loss in the Hal headsculpts – I think that’s the danger of seeing 2-ups first, because the actual production figures can never match up in terms of details and paint. For this wave, I think I may just be picking up a couple of the figures.

4 thoughts on “WonderCon 2011 – DC Universe Classics”

  1. Does Karate Kid have an ab crunch underneath his clothes?

    After some initial reservations, I am actually pretty excited for Wave 17. Lex in particular looks really cool. Anti-Monitor looks like he’s the same size as Imperiex. Apache Chief I guess is the same size as Atom Smasher? Looks like he reuses parts from that body.

    Once, I would like to see the 2-ups of the really gigantic characters(Imperiex, Anti-Monitor, Chemo) next to some of the 6-inch figures. I bet that would make a pretty badass display.

  2. I am hyped about the batman legacy line with re releases of some characters that were nightmare to find. I saw something interesting on gamespot’s tour of wondercon 2011 video, namely a whole load of dc superherloes select scuplts including cassie cain batgirl and old school azrael! plus speedy in 6 inch and 2 up form from young justice. They were displayed next to the movie gordon and stealth suit bats or whatever hes called and it got me wondering if the best sellers are going to be re released through the batman legacy line to give new collectors or those who missed out first time on getting their hands on them.

  3. The Five pack looks GREAT!!
    I’ll be looking for it with great anticipation.!!

    We needed these guys!!

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