San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – Eric Treadaway Interview

VeeBee and I had the chance to sit down again with Eric Treadaway of the Four Horsemen at San Diego Comic-Con a few weeks back. VeeBee just posted the final part of the interview at the Fwoosh, and you should also out the first, second, and third parts too. As always, it was a fascinating conversation that ran the gamut, including Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Universe Classics, and their own Fantastic Exclusives.

The whole thing provides some great insight into the entire lifecycle of making action figures, but I particularly enjoyed Eric talking about creating his own Masters of the Universe Classics character (in the part one of the interview) as well as some of the background behind the revamping of the DC Universe Classics line in the coming year (in part three), especially with the sub pre-orders coming up shy.

With the total subscriptions for Club Infinite Earths in the pre-order phase closing out at just above 60% of the desired target, and Mattel promising a related announcement this week, I’m really curious to see if Mattel is going to move forward in some way despite missing the target subscription number.

So, what do you think Mattel is going to share with us this week?