Ask Matty Q&A Round-Up for 10/1

We know updates have been pretty sparse here since San Diego Comic-Con – we’ve all been super busy with real life. But I’m booked for a quick trip to New York next week for NYCC – so stay tuned!

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We’re back with the October edition of Ask Matty. Because of New York Comic-Con, Mattel won’t have another Q&A until November. Be sure to send in your questions as we get our coverage of NYCC up, since the next round of questions are due on the 15th.

1) We know we’ll get toys for The Dark Knight Rises, but what are the chances of Batman Legacy or another non-movie Batman line getting some shelf space in 2012?


In 2012, our collector product efforts will focus on Batman Legacy in the Spring, and TDKR Movie Masters once the movie product launches.

2) A lot of people have liked the Batman Legacy line as a chance to get comic and other versions of Bat-family characters in advance of a movie year. What are you considering for a “Superman Legay” line in 2012, given that Man of Steel is due out in 2013?

As the Superman movie approaches in 2013 expect to see Superman making his way into the DCU retail offering.

3) Now that Club Infinite Earths is confirmed (yay!) when will we start seeing more reveals? Will we see Poison Ivy and Metron and the Mobius Chair at New York Comic-Con? How about more?

You can be on the lookout for more announcements in the coming months. And if you are going to NYCC, you can check out Metron and his Mobius Chair, as we plan to have those on display in New York!

4) We’ve been seeing a bunch of really cool custom Castle Grayskulls. What kind of info will you need to get to figure out if something worthy of Classics is a possibility?

In order to add additional items to MOTUC we’re looking for steady growth in our baseline customers (i.e. sub holders) to justify additional development and logistical resources for line.

5) A lot of us are disappointed that WWE Classics won’t be as prevalent in the retail channel – there’s still so many classic superstars left to do. Aside from the figures you’ll release on, how often will you be working in classic wrestlers into the Elite line, like you did with Papa Shango?

It will vary by mix but in general there will be about 1 new classic superstar/Legend per series in the Elite Collection in 2012.

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