Ask Matty Q&A for 11/15

I know we’re a week behind schedule with this, but I’ve been extremely busy with life outside toys. 🙂

Here’s the latest Ask Matty Q&A from our pals at Mattel.

Can you give us some approximate shelf dates for the new Batman Legacy figures we saw, including the Batman / Catwoman 2-packs, Harley Quinn, and Nighting from Arkham City, and the First Appearance Batman and Golden Age Catwoman? Any more Batman Legacy waves planned before movie figures take over the shelves?

Arkham City (1280x1280).jpgArkham City (11) (1280x1280).jpgArkham City (1) (1277x1280).jpgArkham City (10) (850x1280).jpgArkham City (5) (851x1280).jpgArkham City (7) (852x1280).jpgBatman Legacy (2) (1280x1280).jpgBatman Legacy (4) (850x1280).jpgBatman Legacy (5) (854x1280).jpgBatman Legacy (1) (1277x1280).jpg

There will be one more wave, which will come end of December/early January.

We recently saw the Warner Bros. Consumer Products press release about the extension of Mattel’s master toy license – congratulations! The press release highlights the upcoming Man of Steel movie for 2013. Do you have plans for a Superman Legacy line as a lead-in to Man of Steel in 2012?

It is way to early to comment on anything that far ahead! Stay tuned.

The press release also highlights the upcoming Green Lantern: The Animated Series. When might we start seeing the accompanying toys from Mattel?

We actually do not have set plans for toys at this time, though we are excited for the possibility! Stay tuned.

Young Justice will be the other tentpole for Cartoon Network’s “DC Nation” – how is the toy line doing at retail? We’re especially curious about the 6-inch highly-articulated figures, which have introduced a new higher price point for figures of that kind. Yes, Young Justice will be one of the animated series featured as part of the DC Nation program on Cartoon Network.

We are excited to continue this line into 2012 and offer fans the chance to collect their favorite Young Justice characters in 4.25″ and 6″ scale.

We’ve gotten used to thinking about DC Universe Classics in waves of figures. This year, if we get 5 waves of 6 figures each, that’s 30 single-carded figures. With the changes to the line, how many different figures might we expect to hit retail? We’re just taking single-carded here, and not multi-packs or repaints.

For 2012, the number of single-carded 6″ DC Universe figures will be comparable to 2011. The first product for 2012 will be DC Universe wave 20. Be on the lookout for this on shelves this Spring!

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