I Can’t Believe San Diego Comic-Con is Almost Here!

I got this notice from Warner Bros. about their bags for Comic-Con. When you are picking up loot, whether it’s something you’re buying or promotional swag a booth babe is handing to you, you need someplace to put it as you walk the floor. You would not believe what a life-saver it is to get your hands on these huge backpack bags that they hand out as you enter the San Diego Convention Center.

Anyways, I am woefully unprepared for SDCC. I am wrapping up a family reunion this week – we try to get together at least once a year, usually during summer when all my nieces and nephews are out of school – and almost as soon as I get home, it’s back to the road for San Diego Comic-Con.

As usual, we’ll be providing updates directly from the show floor and during the evenings when we’re recuperating in our hotel rooms. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our Youtube channel. And for updates as they’re happening, be sure to follow my AFPRon Instagram account.

Updates may be light at the start of next week, but it’ll pick up on Wednesday!

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Wonder Woman on Sale at DC Collectibles

After seeing the Injustice Doomsday reveal, I was browsing through the DC Collectibles site and noticed that a lot of the Wonder Woman items are on sale right now. I am guessing this not just a random occurrence, but I haven’t seen any promotional activity of the sale – maybe it’s for Mother’s Day? Here’s the Wonder Woman figures that are on sale, including a superb deal on the Flashpoint set.

Other items are on sale too, including Wonder Woman’s Bust. I didn’t post the picture, but I figure some of you might click through just to see it. (Spoiler – those bracelets are used for more than blocking bullets!)

Toy Fair 2012 – Mattel Collector Night – Toy Guru Video

Mattel held its Collector Night event at New York Toy Fair yesterday, and Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich was on hand to share the details of all the products they had on display.

Included in the mix were Voltron, DC Universe (including Club Infinite Earths, All-Stars, Young Justice, Action League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Legacy, and The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters), Masters of the Universe Classics, WWE, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and Cars. Following his presentation, Toy Guru fielded all the questions that the crowd threw his way.

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Mattel Sneak Peek at 2012 DC Universe All-Stars Relaunch

Mattel provided a tiny sneak peek on MattyCollector.com at what’s in store for retail in 2012. DC Universe Classics will be relaunched as DC Universe All-Stars, picking up the tag for re-released figures in the Classics line that came with stands instead of Collect and Connect pieces. It’s a fitting name, since we’re seeing a re-release with Batman Beyond and the removal of the Collect and Connect altogether.

We saw Larfleeze at New York Comic Con, but I’m a little surprised at the rest of the line-up here. I had expected one of the big guns in their updated DCnU looks, since Mattel had referenced DCnU back at San Diego Comic-Con when it announced that it would be revamping its retail line. My for-fun-only theory is that these figures were hold-overs from an unofficially themed wave of Geoff Johns-inspired characters (Larfleeze, Superboy Prime in his Anti-Monitor armor, and Flashpoint Plastic Man are all from comics Johns wrote), and that we’ll see DCnU and Jim Lee-inspired costumes in the next wave.

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New York Comic Con 2011 – Marvel Minimates, Four Horsemen, and Thundercats Exclusives at ActionFigureExpress

ActionFigureExpress is one of the convention mainstays that will have a great presence at New York Comic Con, with exclusives from Marvel Minimates, the Four Horsemen, Thundercats, and more.

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