Toy Fair 2012 – Hasbro to Reveal Marvel Universe Blow Hard?

With Toy Fair just around the corner, it’s about time we start getting some teasers about what we might see from our favorite action figure lines. We just got a doozy from an insider about Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line:

I’m going to reveal a character at Toy Fair that just might blow you away…

Obviously, this not-so-veiled hint means we’ll be seeing none other than fan favorite Blow Hard make his debut in New York in a week and a half. For those of you not familiar with this arguably A-list mutant, Blow Hard made his first appearance in X-Factor #11. No, we’re not talking about the highly acclaimed X-Factor of Peter David’s run – this was from the original run by Louise and Walter Simonson that managed to reunite a back-from-the-dead Jean Grey with the original X-Men – we’re talking literature here.

Blow Hard had the awesome powers to mistake friend for foe and yes, you guessed it, to create gale force winds by blowing really hard through his corn cob pipe.

Unfortunately, his powers couldn’t stop the bullets fired by common street thugs, and so Blow Hard met his demise, also in X-Factor #11. It’s high time that Blow Hard got his own action figure, and I applaud Hasbro for another fine character selection.

Wait – it’s not Blow Hard? Who do you think we’ll be seeing in Marvel Universe?

Hasbro’s Media Fan Day is being held on Saturday, February 11, at New York Toy Fair – and we’ll be there! Stay tuned for the real thing in just over a week!

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  1. visiting Hasbro’s Toy Fair showroom is by appointment only, but they’re hosting their “nerd herd” for the online toy community today. we’ll have coverage up tonight!

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