DC Universe Classics Mirror Master Headlines Matty Sales Day on 8/15 and Young Justice 2-Pack Gets a Reprieve

It’s sales day on MattyCollector.com – something I often and gladly forget because I’m subbed up like a toy gangsta – and DC Universe Classics Mirror Master from Club Infinite Earths is the headliner. Here’s the link to the handy August 15 bundle page. Due to our arch-enemy, Logistics, there’s no figure from the Club Eternia subscription, but if you still need a Masters of the Universe Classics fix, you can pick up this month’s figure from the 30th Anniversary sub, Sir Laser-Lot.

I’m not a big fan of the design Geoff Johns came up with when he was 8 years old. To some of you I know that means I’m a cranky old guy who doesn’t doesn’t know how to have fun with toys (yes, I also was underwhelmed by Vykron). But to each his own – if you’re a Laser-Lot fan, I’m glad Mattel made him for you.

Also, with Young Justice subscriptions at the halfway point to hit the minimums for the green light, Mattel extended the sub order window by 2 weeks – and delayed the ship date (only if YJ fans buy enough, we keep getting reminded) by three months. I’ll keep hoping that Mattel eventually gets to the point where they’ll do a true pre-order – that means no thermometer – because it will mean they’ve made a good enough product that they trust we’ll buy in mass quantities.

8/15 Sale: BatmanMirror MasterJLU& Sir Laser-Lot™

Toy Fans,

Here’s your reminder for our upcoming sale on Wednesday, August 15th. Be here at 9 a.m. PT and here’s what we’ll have for you:

    • MOTU 30th Anniversary: Sir Laser-Lot™ (monthly figure, included with 30th Anniversary subscriptions)
    • Batman™: Stealth Fusion™ Batman™ 8” figure fromThe Dark Knight Rises
    • DCUMirror Master (monthly figure, included with Club Infinite Earths subscriptions)
    • JLU: 3-Pack Featuring Future Static / Aquagirl / Micron
    • Voltron® Classics: Blue Lion & Allura (included with Club Lion Force subscriptions)
    • JUST ADDED! MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards™ Figure 2-Pack
    • JUST ADDED! MOTUC Chief Carnivus™
    • JUST ADDED! MOTUC Grizzlor®

So remember to be here Wednesday, August 15th at 9 a.m. PT (12 noon ET) for your chance at Batman™ and more. For email reminders, click here to register. You can also join me on FacebookTwitter and in our Fan Forums and you’ll get reminders there, too.

See you Wednesday the 15th!


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Young Justice 2-Pack Pre-Order Now Extended to 8/31!

Toy Fans,

Great news for Young Justice fans! The deadline for the made to order Young Justice 2-pack has been extended until 8/31!

Today is the last day of the original deadline, and we’re halfway to reaching the target goal. Based on that, the decision has been made to extend the pre-order period until the end of August.

As happy as that makes us, in order to make these figures we still need to reach the ultimate target by August 31st. If this goal is not met, it’s not going to happen. Extending the sale also means that we will need to push back the release date for these figures approximately three months, but weighing that option against the alternative of not having the figures at all, we opted for the extension.

Some of you may wonder why we are able to extend this made to order sale when we are not able to extend the subscription period. The difference is that the pre-order figures are not tied to a specific production date. As soon as we reach the required target we can go ahead and start production. The subscription sales are on a set delivery timeline that cannot be changed.

Remember, the only way to own the 2-pack featuring the 6” Miss Martian and Superboy figures is through this special made to order offer, and you must order by Friday, August 31, 2012, at 11:59 PM PT. If you thought you’d missed your chance, you just got a reprieve, but it won’t happen again!

Keep checking here to place your order and to check on whether we’ve received the minimum number of orders!


via Matty | News.