MattyCollector 12/17 Sale Has Lots You Can Buy, but Some Deliveries will be Delayed

MattyCollector 12-17 Sale

With Granymyr, Mosquitor, and Procrustus from Masters of the Universe Classics; Platinum, Tin, and Lead for DC Universe Classics; and the final Justice League Unlimited 3-pack with Toyman, Firefly, and Dr. Destiny; there’s plenty that will be on sale on Monday. But Mattel also sent out email yesterday saying that shipments that include Granymyr or Procrustus would be delayed.

We’ve seen Matty doubling up on both MOTUC and DCUC the past two months due to delays caused by our good friend “Logistics” – so it’s no surprise that we’re still seeing the impact of the back up this month. I am guessing that we aren’t seeing the delayed products moving to January because the income statement doesn’t like 2012 product moving to 2013.

As always, for convenience, here’s the link to the MattyCollector bundle page for the 12/17 sale.

12/17 Sale: Granamyr, Mosquitor™, Procrustus& DCU

Toy Fans,

The holidays are in full swing bringing good cheer, warm fuzzy feelings, and the perfect chance to get some new figures for your collections! Good things might come in small packages, but great things come in huge packages… check out Granamyr, a 23” tall Eternian Dragon with a wingspan of 8” tip to tip! Be here Monday, December 17th at 9 a.m. PT (12 noon ET) and here’s the complete list of what you’ll find:

December 17th Monthly Sale*

  • MOTUC: Granamyr™
  • MOTUC: Mosquitor™ (monthly figure, included with Club Eternia® subscriptions)
  • MOTUC: Procrustus™ (monthly figure, included with Club Eternia® subscriptions)
  • DCU: Platinum and Tin (monthly figure, included with Club Infinite Earths subscriptions)
  • DCU: Lead (monthly figure, included with Club Infinite Earths subscriptions)
  • JLU: 3-Pack Featuring Toyman / Firefly / Dr. Destiny

* Availability is subject to change – products sell out fast, so shop early for best selection!

via Matty | News.

Here’s the announcement of the delay:

Dear Club Eternia® Subscriber,

We wanted to let you know we’ve just heard our shipment of Procrustus™ figures has been delayed. We’ll receive him in waves and will ship out subscription orders as supplies are received. If you have multiple subscriptions that are combined, your orders will be held until Procrustus™ arrives. We’re hopeful the delay won’t be too long, but plan on an approximate 1 to 3 week delay just to be safe.

Although he’s not a subscription item, we also wanted you to know that Granamyr™ is delayed as well. If you order him during our regular sale on Monday, December 17th at, any additional products you order at the same time will be held until Granamyr™ arrives. Please order Granamyr separately if you don’t want your order held.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for being a customer.

Guess what – if your Procrustus is delayed 2 to 3 weeks, that means it’s coming in the New Year. And I’m not sure why they didn’t provide a similar estimate for Granamyr’s delay – could that mean an even longer delay?

Granymyr is not part of Club Eternia

One other tidbit that might be confusing – the reminder email for the sale showed Granymyr with the Club Eternia seal. Don’t be confused – Granymyr is *not* part of the Club Eternia subscription, so if you are a subscriber and want him, you have to place an order.