Toy Fair 2015: Mattel Hot Wheels Elite Back to the Future DeLorean

Toy Fair 2015 Hot Wheels Elite Back to the Future DeLorean (11 of 11)

When Mattel announced the Back to the Future license for Mattycollector way back when, I think many of us were hoping for action figures along the lines of what they had done for Ghostbusters. In hindsight, with a limited roster of characters, Mattel’s decision to forego action figures was probably a good one.

They have, however leveraged the license to make vehicles in the Hot Wheels line. The latest, the Elite Back to the Future DeLorean, allows you to customize the vehicle into all three versions of the Time Machine. You can add the Mr. Fusion reactor or the jerry-rigged mods Doc Brown whipped up in the Old West, for example.

For a close-up view, check out the AFP fly-by of the Hot Wheels vehicle:

The DeLorean also transforms to flight mode and features LEDs and sounds:

All this comes at a pretty steep price – the SRP is expected to be in the $179.99 range. Is this DeLorean blinged out enough for you to get it at that price?

7 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2015: Mattel Hot Wheels Elite Back to the Future DeLorean”

  1. sorry Moldie, I’m not sure what the exact scale is. one of the videos shows the DeLorean in the hands of the Mattel brand manager – that may give you an idea of the general size of the Time Machine.

  2. no worries. just curious if it’s something anywhere close to, say, joe scale or legends scale or something in between. at almost two hundred bucks, i don’t think it matters much, i probably won’t be able to get it, though it’s truly one hell of a cool piece!

  3. I know this thread was from about a year ago. Does anyone have the model number for this model or a link to purchase? There are so many different ones that I’m finding online and want to be sure that I am purchasing this exact model. Thanks!

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