CC36: Marvel Legends Masterworks – Alter Ego by CRobTheCreator



While on a mission to prevent Ego from causing more harm to the planet Earth’s solar system, Thor was confronted by the Stranger who encouraged the thunder god not to interfere with Ego’s destiny… Thor quickly came upon the Museum of the Elder of the Universe known as the Collector. After a brief scrimmage between the two powerful men Collector revealed to Thor Alter Ego, another “Living Planet,” was being held within a special chamber of the Museum. Also in the Museum was Zephyr, one time captive of the Collector, although now she is acting as his ally, and she blasted Thor into the Alter Ego’s dimensional prison, where he became the living planet’s next meal.

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CC36: G.I. JOE – Eco-Warriors! by Sarkos


Cobra has moved beyond Weather Domination to total Environmental War!

Evil Scientist Corrosion has refined Plasmatox, Cobra’s weaponized toxic sludge, by adding Compound Z, Cobra’s experimental zombie serum. Now, he’s ready to seed clouds across the nation, and raise his zombie army. Can Flint and the Eco-Warriors defeat this madman?

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CC36: DC Universe Classics Ultimate Doomsday by Batman55

CC36 DCUC Ultimate Doomsday 19

After Mattel announced the cancellation of 2014 DCIE series that included 2 versions of Doomsday figure, I felt regret about not being able to see the long awaited figure released. Then just last week, I found out Mattel has decided to release only Containment Suit Doomsday in the next SDCC. Relinquishing a hope to see THE UNLEASHED VERSION, I decided to make my own doomsday that shares the same articulations and details to some degree with DCUC figures. The only base body that I could find compatible in terms of size and similar physical features was Marvel Select Avengers Hulk. Before I began putting things together, I had to research various images and old custom figures done by others as a reference.

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