NYCC 2015: Square Enix Play Arts Kai – Batman v Superman, Marvel Variants, and More

NYCC 2015 - Square Enix Play Arts Kai

I have been a fan of Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line for some time, but with price creep pushing single figures to the $100 range and more, I’ve curtailed my purchases somewhat. I may have to go hog wild on some of their newest reveals though. Most notably, Square Enix expanded their DC license to include Batman v Superman, revealing four figures – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Bats in his armored suit. While I’ve been particularly¬†disappointed by what some licensees (ahem Mattel) have produced, these are the first to really pique my interest.

While Street Fighter has seemingly gone to the wayside, they’ve continued with their mainstays. DC continues with more Arkham and variant figures.¬†The newer Marvel variants add Black Widow and Captain America. And there’s Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, and Halo, to name a few more.

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“Soft” Breasts on Play Arts Kai Quiet Set off Twitter Storm

Soft Breasts on Play Arts Kai Quiet Set off Twitter StormA tweet from game designer Hideo Kojima has set off a minor storm on Twitter among gamers. Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, posted pics of the upcoming Play Arts Kai Quiet, due for release on May 15, revealing that a supervisor of the action figure’s production, presumably from Square Enix, has stated the figure’s breasts will be made of soft material that allows them to be “pushed and lifted.”

Quiet is one of the playable characters to be featured in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, due out in September this year. It’s not the first time the character has been the center of some controversy. When she was first introduced, Kojima tweeted about having game designers make her more “erotic,” then later offered an explanation of what he meant.

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Weekend Toy Run: Square Enix Play Arts Kai Catwoman and Zod On Sale at Entertainment Earth

Batman Arkham City Catwoman Play Arts Kai Action Figure Superman Man of Steel General Zod Play Arts Kai Figure - Free Shipping

Whoops – meant to post this earlier today, because Entertainment Earth is offering 40% off selected Play Arts Kai figures from Square Enix. It’s part of their 38 days, 38 deals promotion that’s underway and ending November 26. But each deal ends only lasts a day, so be quick if any of these are on your want list.

I’ve got the Catwoman and paid full price – this is a bargain on an excellent figure. EE also has the Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke and the Metal Gear Solid 2 Solidus Snake on sale. Happy shopping!

SDCC 2013: Square Enix Play Arts Kai (Preview Night)

Square Enix Play Arts Kai (1 of 41)

It feels like there’s been a shift in the development of Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai lines. Its roots are in its video game licenses, but this show, most of the new products in the pipeline are in the various DC licenses that they’ve added over the past couple years. From Arkham Asylum / City, they’ve moved into the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel in force, and they’re continuing to move forward with their DC variants line.

They have two cases that are still covered – if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Arkham Origins. Any other guesses?

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