Joe Amaro Shares New Manta Raider Art by Rudy Obrero and Vehicle Details

Joe Amaro shared the latest Rudy Obrero artwork that they will be using for the Manta Raider vehicles that will be available first as a limited run at Power Con next month. Notice the first? I pinged Joe for a quick Q&A, and there’s definite plans to make this available, again, in a limited fashion, after Power Con. But if you want yours signed by Rudy, Power Con is the way to go!

AFP: What materials will you be using for the Manta Raider? Will details be painted, use decals, or something else?

Joe Amaro: The Manta Raider will be made of resin plastic. It will be fully painted by hand. The entire thing is made by hand – this is not a production piece that has been manufactured in a factory.

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Masters of the Universe Classics Granamyr Box Art Sneak Peek

Club Eternia subscribers were treated to a sneak peek of the box art for Granamyr the Wise, of the Eternian Dragons of Darksmoke. Granymyr made several appearances in the original Masters of the Universe cartoon.

I was blown away by the sheer massiveness of Granymyr at San Diego Comic-Con. I wondered at the time if those little chicken legs would be able to support his weight if you tried to pose him standing up instead of sitting – this confirms that sadly, they won’t. I’m thinking that could be remedied using some of the flight stands that had been available through MattyCollector some time back – they’re pretty sturdy, and could be strategically placed under Granymyr’s posterior.

Rudy Obrero returns as the artist for the box art – as many know, he did a lot of the artwork for the original Masters toy line, including Castle Grayskull and the vehicles, and he returned to Classics for the Wind Raider box art. I did not know that Rudy also worked on the Club Eternia exclusive maps: Eternia, Etheria, and Preternia – click for the AFP map viewers for each.

Fans of Rudy’s art – be sure to check out the fan project he is working on with Joe Amaro for a Manta Raider vehicle.

Remember that One of a Kind Manta Raider? Limited Run Planned for Power Con

Back in March, we came across a story of a Masters of the Universe-inspired vehicle that made its first appearance in a painting by Rudy Obrero. Rudy is a professional artist and has even done some work for Mattel. As the story goes, Joe Amaro, formerly of Jazware, connected with Rudy and designed and created a one of a kind custom Manta Raider. Fast forward a few months. According to Joe, he met with Rudy again at San Diego Comic-Con:

At the Power Party I finally got a chance to sit down and talk to Rudy Obrero face to face. At the party Rudy told me that he wants to make the Manta Raider available to the fans!!!

I need to figure out the logistics and price but it will be a very very limited run, definitely under 100. We talked about having it in some type of packaging so we can use Rudy’s awesome painting!

The plan right now is to have it ready for Power Con in September. Rudy will have a table there with some prints for sale. Best of all you can have all the items signed by Rudy!

Joe assured us that this is in no way affiliated with Mattel or Masters of the Universe. The original concept was based on fan fiction written by Rudy, and the original painting of the Manta Raider was done for his personal collection. Joe says we’ll likely see some design changes before this limited art collectible is released to ensure that it’s clear this is an independent, fan-driven project.

We’ll keep in touch with Joe as Power Con approaches – can’t wait to see the final art and vehicle!

Source: Joe Amaro and Rudy Obrero

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