Manta Raider by Joe Amaro and Rudy Obrero – Packaged Pics

Whoo! I just got a package from Joe Amaro containing the Manta Raider vehicle that he designed with Rudy Obrero. I am sharing some packaged pics, but am going to leave it to MatthewK to take pictures of the Manta Raider itself with some Masters of the Universe Classics figures. I’m going to be on the road, and let’s face it – Matt will do a better job of it than me. 🙂

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Axel Giménez Artwork for Power-Con

I’m a big fan of Axel GimĂ©nez‘s art. He recently posted on the AFP Facebook wall so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. This is some of the artwork that Axel did for Power-Con.

Be sure to check out My Art – Masters of the Universe and Others – there’s a ton of Axel’s awesome illustrations.

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Manta Raider and One of a Kind Custom Pilot up for Charity Auction at PowerCon

If you liked the final Manta Raider in its packaging that Joe Amaro shared with us yesterday, then you’re going to LOVE the custom Manta Raider pilot by Joe that’s based on Rudy Obrero’s packaging art. I know you wish this bad boy came with the Manta Raider (he doesn’t) – the only way to get this one of a kind figure *and* his Manta Raider is to place the winning bid during the Power-Con / ThunderCon Charity Auction. Joe shares more details:

The auction will take place during the convention on Saturday, September 22 from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. Fifty Percent of the auction’s proceeds will benefit Keep A Child Alive. Keep A Child Alive provides treatment, love, and support to families affected by HIV/AIDS in countries around the world.

More info:

This is such a cool auction item – hats off to Joe and Rudy for making this possible! Now get your butts to SoCal and bid!

Manta Raider by Joe Amaro and Rudy Obrero – Very Limited Availability at PowerCon


Joe Amaro just sent us a brief update on the Manta Raider. Because these are all handmade, he’s got a very limited number that will be available to purchase at PowerCon. They’ll be available at Rudy’s booth for $50 each, but no pre-order as originally planned. Better make that your first stop!

But not to worry, the rest of the Manta Raiders will be sold online after Power Con to everyone. Rudy has agreed to sign all the back cards so every Manta Raider will come signed, just in case you missed the opportunity at Power Con. That was the main reason I wanted these for Power Con.

The Four Horsemen Ride Into El Paso Comic Con

Our pal Joe Amaro sent us pics of the Four Horsemen’s booth at El Paso Comic Con. The 4H’s Shane Dittsworth and Owen “O-Dawg” Oertling were on site. For fans of Seventh Kingdom, Gothitropolis, and the Masters of the Universe 200X line, there’s some great shots of 2-ups that I’ve been lucky to see in person – but I’ve never gotten a good look at the backs of the prototypes before, though, and there’s some great details in these shots. The El Paso Times also has some local coverage of EP-Con, including a couple of pics of O-Dawg in action.

Regarding the Manta Raider that Joe is working on with Rudy Obrero – I checked in with Joe recently and he said he’s still working on them, and will give out more details on how to get your hands on the custom vehicle when he’s 100% on the details.

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