SDCC 2014: Diamond Select Toys Announces Days of Future Past Marvel Minimates Exclusives and More

Banking on the success of Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past hit movie, Diamond Select Toys have announced a comics-based Marvel Minimates boxed set for San Diego Comic-Con, featuring Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Mystique and a Sentinel. Great choices to tie in to the movie, but I don’t recall Mystique featuring prominently at all in the comic event – but then again she wasn’t being played by J-Law back then and like Wolverine, my memories can’t be trusted. DST is also making an accompanying comic book cover recreating Uncanny X-Men #141, available separately, featuring the Marvel Minimates in place of the comic book characters.

There usually are more Marvel Minimates exclusives during SDCC, and perhaps there are still more to come through DST’s distribution partners. DST also announced a Walking Dead Minimates set, a Sin City Marv exclusive figure, and more from Star Trek, Star Wars, Godzilla, and Jay and Silent Bob.  Just over a month to go. Are you getting excited yet for SDCC?

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Marv and Hartigan from Sin City to be Resurrected by Diamond Select Toys

The Sin City movie by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller is nearing nine years old – but with a second movie due out in August this year, Diamond Select Toys has picked up the brand from previous licensee, NECA. DST will produce figures in the 7-inch scale under its Select branding.

The first series features three characters from the original movie, Marv, Hartigan, and Nancy. All three will also be featured in the sequel (or prequel, as both Marv and Hartigan met their ends), A Dame to Kill, and I’m guessing DST will produce figures for this movie as well. Sin City Select Series 1 will hit shelves in early July.

Sin City Select Series 1 Action Figures

Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find anything, but you don’t need to live in Sin City to get high-quality Select action figures of the movie’s main cast! The first series of 7-inch-scale, fully poseable figures from DST includes Marv, Hartigan and Nancy, all based on their appearances in the 2005 feature film. Each figure comes packaged with a deluxe display base and accessories in the famous Select display packaging, complete with spine reference artwork. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean!

Marv Figure (SRP $24.99, item #FEB142055)
Hartigan Figure (SRP $24.99, item #FEB142056)
Nancy Figure (SRP $24.99, item #FEB142057)

via New in Previews: Sin City, Aliens, Kill Bill, Batman, Mooby and Spidey! | Art Asylum Blog.

SDCC 2013: Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select, Minimates and More

SDCC 2013 - Diamond Select Toys

We’re still working through pics from San Diego Comic-Con. This set is from Sandman’s visit to the Diamond Select Toys booth. They had a lot on display – the usual suspects like Marvel Select and Marvel Minimates were joined by some newcomers. In the “Select” brand it looks like DST will be adding a Sin City Select line as the sequel to the Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller hit comes to fruition. On the Minimates front, it looks like Tomb Raider will be joining the Marvel and Walking Dead lines. And who doesn’t love Femme Fatales?

I’ll have to review my own DST pics – I am surprised not to see Star Trek Select in here. I’m not sure if that’s because they didn’t have any on display or if Sandman hates Star Trek. I think I would recall if they had anything on display past Kirk, Spock, and Picard. [/Ron]

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