Hello Kitty x Street Fighter Comikaze Blanka and Wave 2 Update

street_fighter_x_sanrio_blanka_plush HelloKittyXStreetFighter Blanka hk-sf_10inch-plush_s2 HelloKittyXStreetFighter Wave 2

For the plushies out there, the next wave of hellokittyxstreetfighter is on its way. Cami, Guile and Ken are slated for Series 2 at both 10-inch and 6-inch size. Slated for March 2014, if you want to get yours, BigBadToyStore has them up pre-order now.

And if you were lucky enough to have attended or know someone who attended Stan Lee’s Comikaze at the Los Angeles Convention Center this past weekend, you might have seen Toynami’s latest exclusive hellokittyxstreetfighter Blanka Kitty! My brother was nice enough to brave the unwashed masses and get me one (thx Matt!)

Only 1000 were made and all SOLD OUT. Happy hunting on eBay now I guess…

Toynami Announces Reacquisition of Voltron, Retirement of Bleach and Naruto

After a short stint with Mattel, Voltron has returned to Toynami – and they’re already promising to outdo the Club Lion Force 23-incher from Mattel with a 24-inch jumbo Voltron. In my opinion, Toynami feels like a better fit for the license, and we did like what we saw of Voltron at SDCC this year.

Sad to see toy lines end – I know Sandman will be disappointed about Toynami ending its run with Naruto.

Toynami Voltron announcement SDCC 2013 Toynami Voltron

Hey everyone! Join us as we welcome return of an old favorite: Voltron!

Under Toynami’s new agreement with Classic Media and World Event Productions, fans can expect to see collectibles toys, from a all new 24″ Jumbo Voltron to a high-detail transformable die-cast, celebrating Voltron’s 30th anniversary! Look for more details on our exciting new line of Voltron products soon!

As Toynami welcomes back one license, we must regretfully bid farewell to two others. After a long and mutually beneficial relationship, Toynami has elected to end its Bleach and Naruto product lines. Thanks to all the fans for their outstanding support!

via Toynami.

SDCC 2013: Toynami Booth Video

Toynami Hello Kitty Street Fighter SDCC Exclusives 2012 - 2013

I like to think that we get a little more Comic-Con savvy every time we go. Last year my wife missed out and had to pick up the Toynami Hello Kitty Street Fighter Chun Li on eBay. This year, on Preview Night, instead of previewing, she lined up at the Toynami booth and picked up this year’s Badtz Maru as Ryu and Hello Kitty as Akuma. I was lined up at Hasbro, which was right next to the Toynami booth, and I probably walked around that booth at least 15 times over the course of the show.

When I watched Toynami’s Comic-Con video, I realized I’m still as Comic-Con dumb as ever – I’m always so caught up in taking pictures / getting to panels / trying to get SDCC exclusives that I miss so much of the show. Sandman was more on top of things than me, and took some pics of the Toynami booth.

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SDCC 2013: Toynami DC Skelanimals, Hello Kitty Street Fighter, and Voltron


Here’s a couple of pics from the Toynami booth – no Narutos or Futurama in the booth. They did have a Masterpiece Voltron with light up eyes on display. No word on the release date for that one.

I have to say, the DC Skelanimals and the Hello Kitty / Street Fighter mashups do look good!

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Check Out the Street Fighter x Sanrio and Futurama SDCC Exclusives from Toynami

akuma_sdcc_prototype01[2] badtz-maru-ryu_plush01[3] futurama_destructor_gender-bender_sdcc13-exclusive

I was just mulling over the Skelanimal Harley Quinn SDCC exclusive from Toynami when I came across the rest of the Toynami exclusives for this year. Since my wife jumped through hoops to get the Hello Kitty Chun Li, I know we’ll be in line for these mashup versions of Akuma and Ryu – Badtz Maru is the bad-ass of the Hello Kitty-verse, so I must have Badtz Ryu.

Futurama fans will want the Destructor vs Gender Bender box set from the Ultimate Robot Fighting League episode. I’ve got a hankering to watch some episodes on Netflix now.

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