Toy Sighting – Justice League Unlimited Singles at Toys R Us

Dxtra30 wrote in about the Justice League Unlimited singles. Thanks Ed!

Hey Ron,

I Don’t know if anybody has posted but my Local TRU (Toys R Us) in Pennsylvania finally got the JLU singles in..
Here’s a picture if you want to post, up to you..

I’m a member of the boards on AFI site as Dxtra30

Just thought I’d help out..

Dxtra30 (Ed R)

Have a find or toy siting you want to share? Send me email with a pic to ron(at) Happy shopping!

Mattel WWE Toys R Us Exclusive Bushwhackers and More Quick Pics

Mattel WWE - The Bushwhackers.JPG

To be perfectly honest, even though the Bushwhackers came from the era of wrestling that I watched and enjoyed, I was never that big of a fan. They were more of a comedy act that I found amusing at first, but quickly tired of it.

That said, I must now acknowledge that as far as all the wrestling figures I have in my collection, which includes a bunch of old Hasbro WWF figures, JAKKS Pacific WWE figures, and the new figures from Mattel, the Bushwhackers are now at the top of the heap. They’re just captured perfectly in plastic here.

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Diamond Select Toys Announces Classic Heroic Age Marvel Minimates

I’m not sure if DST actually mean they’ll be shipping these to both the Disney Stores and TRU, but regardless, this is a cool starter set for people new to Marvel Minimates.

Classic Heroic Age Minimates

Coming soon to the Disney Store (A DST first!!!) is this special Minimates box set. Featuring Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man it’s the perfect way to add classic versions of all your favorite Marvel heroes to your collection!  Look for it at your favorite Toys R Us soon!

via Art Asylum Blog » Classic Heroic Age Minimates.

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