Toy Sighting – Mattel WWE Undertaker and the Rock Entrance Greats

Dxtra30 wrote in about the newest Mattel WWE Entrance Greats figures for the Undertaker and the Rock. Thanks Ed!

Just found the most recent set of WWE Entrance Greats at my local TRU (Toys R Us) in Pennsylvania

Have a find or toy sighting you want to share? Send me email with a pic to ron(at) Happy shopping!

Star Wars Fall Exclusives Press Pics

The Hasbro Star Wars team has sent over high res images and info on the Star Wars exclusive product for the fall. Here’s your chance to save Oola!

Jabba's Throne.jpg


(Approximate Retail Price: $38.88/Retailer: Wal-Mart) – In Stores Now
Bring your favorite STAR WARS stories to “life” with this detailed JABBA’S THRONE set. Place your JABBA THE HUTT™ and SALACIOUS CRUMB™ figures on the throne to watch as your Twi’lek dancer OOLA™ figure performs. Use JABBA’S poseable tail to show his approval for the dance—or move SALACIOUS CRUMB to indicate his master’s displeasure! Then, set the crime lord and his henchman back on the throne to await his next sinister appointment.

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Diamond Select Toys Halo Minimates Warthog Packaged Pics

We posted about the upcoming Halo Minimates yesterday, and boom (head shot!) – next thing you know, DST shows off these Halo Minimates Warthogs! These are going to be tough to resist.

Because Halo Minimates aren’t going to drive Mini Camrys

That’s right, we are making Minimates sized Warthogs! Available in regular (Toys R Us) or Dirty (Specialty Stores). You couldn’t expect Halo Minimates to get around in anything less.

via Art Asylum Blog » Because Halo Minimates aren’t going to drive Mini Camrys.

Diamond Select Toys Halo Minimates Packaged Pics

Hagop and I got to see these way back during Toy Fair in February, but they were in a strict no photography zone. We had to go back into an area behind a curtain, then they lifted up a cover to reveal Halo Minimates. I think this is a property that totally makes sense for the Minimates treatment.

Prepare to battle The Covenant…Minimates style!

Here is a first look at DST’s new Halo Minimates in packaging. These 2-packs are only available at Toys R Us!

via Art Asylum Blog » Prepare to battle The Covenant…Minimates style!.

Marvel Legends Toys R Us Exclusive Fan’s Choice Winners 2-Packs More Quick Pics

ML 2-Pack Fan Choice Winners - Black Widow Winter Soldier carded 1 (1200x960).jpg

About a week and a half ago, gunbuster718 shared some pics he took of his set of Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice Winner 2-packs – Black Widow / Winter Soldier, Deadpool / Warpath, and Valkyrie / Hulk. I was lucky enough to get 4 out of the 5 sets from that initial batch that showed up at Times Square Toys R Us – thanks GrownNerd! Here’s some quick shots that I took while still in NYC for New York Comic Con.

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