Soapbox Sunday: Latest Mattycollector Sale Shows Shortcomings; How to Turn it Around

Mattycollector Shortcomings

Remember the good (or bad, depending how you fared) old days when there were toys that you actually wanted to buy on Mattycollector on their monthly sales dates? Those toys would sell out in hours, sometimes minutes. And while that truly meant missed opportunities through lost sales, the quick sell-outs became the barometer for successful products.

Fast forward to today. We’re a couple of days past the Mattycollector sale for October, and looking at the sale page, there’s not a single item on the page that’s sold out. There’s not even a single item that’s marked with the “Almost Gone” tag that Mattel would add to give you a sense of urgency to grab up those soon to be sold out toys. And for a company whose marketing team is so fond of saying “We’ll keep making them as long as you keep buying them,” I’ve got to wonder how much longer Mattel will keep making them, because we certainly not buying them – at least not like we used to.

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NECA Highlights Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Series 1


NECA has raised the bar on its product photography with a stunning pictorial of its upcoming first wave of figures from its Dawn of the Planet of the Apes line. Ceasar, Maurice, and Koba look to have some fantastic sculpted and painted details. Personally, I was hoping for a little more mobility from the articulation (these are apes, after all) – while there’s a lot of points of articulation, it looks like some movement is hindered by the sculpt.

Still, articulated monkeys, especially at NECA’s retail price point, should be a welcome addition to many toy collections. These hit shelves in May.

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Weekend Toy Run: Saint Patrick’s Day Sale at TFAW – Up to 50% Off Toys and More

Things From Another World is having its Saint Patrick’s Day sale, and they’ve got 240 items up to half off in their Toy section. They’ve got stuff from Funko, NECA, Hasbro, Mattel, Diamond Select Toys, and more. I’ve got my eye on this Hanna Barbera Space Ghost – at $10.49 it’s a steal for a six-incher. I’ll need to take a closer look to see what else there is to take home. Happy shopping!

TFAW St Patricks Sale

Don’t get angry: everyone can have the luck of the Irish at TFAW! Now through March 23, you’ll save 20-50% on 1,000s of graphic novels, comics, toys, statues, and more!

However, you’ll have to move fast: our inventory of these items is extremely limited. Once you find the “gold” your collection needs, you’ll need to snap it up before someone else tries their luck!

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NECA Shares Hi-Res Pics of Planet of the Apes Classic Series 1

The reveals for NECA’s Planet of the Apes classic series are coming faster than Charlton Heston picking up the hottest mute chick on the planet. It’s all damn, dirty apes, for series 1. We’ll find out more at Toy Fair. Stay tuned!

Check out the new Planet of the Apes – Classic Series 1!

NECA Planet of the Apes Classic Series 1

The #GorillaSoldier#Cornelius, and Dr. #Zaius 7″ action figures are scheduled for release in July. For higher-res, individual photos head on over to

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NECA Returns to the Planet of the Apes this Summer

NECA Classic Planet of the Apes teaser 1 NECA Classic Planet of the Apes teaser 2

We knew that NECA had picked up the license for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, but somehow missed that they’ve also got the rights for the classic films. They’ve shared two teasers so far of the classic line to arrive this summer. The Dr. Zaius shown is the paint master.

I’m wondering if this means we’ll be getting figures of Taylor or Nova, and not just those damn, dirty apes.

NECA Gives Us a Sneak Peek Video of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Action Figures

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I am a sucker for action figures of primates – one day I’ll have to gather up all of the gorillas I’ve managed to acquire and take some pictures. Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the last movie installment in 2011, had some nicely articulated action figures of Caesar and Koba from a company called Hiya, but at the time they seemed a little expensive… a couple of years of price creep later and they don’t seem that way now.

But with NECA picking up the license for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, chances are we’ll see great sculpt, although I’m worried we might see a little bit less on the articulation side. I’ll just have to squint at that Sneak Peek video to try to see some more.

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NECA Lone Ranger 7-Inch Series 2 Set on Sale at Entertainment Earth – Today Only

I am amazed that Entertainment Earth continues to have daily deals. Today’s is for a set of two figures from NECA’s Lone Ranger series for %25.20 (that’s 30%off) – and of course those two figures are of Tonto and the Lone Ranger. The second wave features a bird cage accessory for Tonto, and an unmasked head sculpt for the Lone Ranger.

What’s more amazing is that the pairing of Gore Verbinki and Johnny Depp produced such a dud. I suppose their collaboration on Pirates of the Caribbean declined throughout the series, but they had returned to form with Rango. But I guess when you make a Tonto movie and call it the Lone Ranger, it’s bound to disappoint a few people.

NECA Lone Ranger Series 2

The Lone Ranger 7-Inch Series 2 Action Figure Set:

  • The Lone Ranger and Tonto ride again!
  • Detailed figures out of 2013’s western movie The Lone Ranger.
  • Series 2 set includes 2 articulated action figures.
  • You get Johnny Depp’s Tonto and Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger!
  • Featuring over 20 points of articulation, these Lone Ranger 7-Inch Action Figures are superbly detailed! They come to you from 2013’s western movie The Lone Ranger that stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, and with each remarkable figure standing 7-inches tall, they make terrific display pieces for home or work. Ride again with Tonto and The Lone Ranger! Ages 14 and up.

This Series 2 set contains 2 individually packaged action figures (subject to change):

  • 1x Tonto with Birdcage
  • 1x Lone Ranger Unmasked

Pose Native American spirit-warrior Tonto and Lone Ranger in nearly any way you wish!

via The Lone Ranger 7-Inch Series 2 Action Figure Set – Neca – Lone Ranger – Action Figures at Entertainment Earth.

Check Out Eleven Series of Predators in NECA’s Visual Guide

During the holidays, NECA posted an update to their visual guide for their long-standing Predators series of action figures – this is what eleven waves of killer plastic (or is that plastic killers?) looks like. Happy hunting!

Download the Updated Visual Guide for our Predator Action Figures! [FREE]


Thanks to plenty of dedicated fans, our line of Predator action figures continues to be a best-seller — in fact, we just released the 11th Series! As a special holiday treat for all you collectors, we’ve updated the Predator Visual Guide to include all the figures released in the last year, and made it available to download.

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NECA Lone Ranger and Tonto 7-Inch 2-Pack Cyber Monday Deal at – $28.99 Until 7PM PST

Perhaps a little more up your alley than giant action figures with funny pictures, Amazon has NECA’s Lone Ranger and Tonto 2-pack up for $28.99 (regular price $39.99). This is good until 7PM PST, or while supplies last. Happy shopping, Kemosabe!

NECA The Lone Ranger - 7-Inch Deluxe Scale Action Figure (Set of 2)

NECA The Lone Ranger – 7″ Deluxe Scale Action Figure (Set of 2)

  • Over 20 points of articulation
  • Likeness of actor Armie Hammer
  • Likeness of actor Johnny Depp
  • From the New Disney Movie

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NECA Pacific Rim Series 3 Update

I still haven’t seen Pacific Rim (no excuse now, since it’s out on DVD) so these action figures from NECA have just been cool to look at, versus must haves for my toy shelves. For those of you who love the NECA line, here’s news from NECA’s Twitter feed. Nothing yet on NECA’s website, but we’ll keep checking.

NECA Pacific Rim Series 3 teaserBIG news for fans of Pacific Rim!

Randy Falk dropped the news today in series of messages via @NECA_TOYS on Twitter. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“Pacific Rim Series 3 news will drop today. 2 different assortments of Jaeger and Kaiju offered at once. 4 new figures coming in March!!”

“2 ALL NEW Jaegers.. Cherno Alpha and Coyote Tango make up the Jaeger assortment. Almost 8″ tall and loaded w detail and articulation”

“The Kaiju require their own assortment as they getting bigger & badder & in turn cost a little more. S2 Leatherback gives you an idea…”

“We we want to stay true to scale as much as possible so a deluxe Kaiju assortment was the way to go. Bigger, more deco, more articulation!!”

“Trespasser will be one of the Series 3 Kaiju, in concept stage it was known as Axhead and you still might see that version at a later date..”

“The remaining S3 Kaiju is an all new & improved Knifehead w battle damage! Over 50% larger than S1 version!”

via NECA – N.E.C.A – Timeline Photos.

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