San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – ThreeA Star Wars Sales Prototypes Preview Night


I passed by the IDW booth to see if Ashley and ThreeA were selling anything and I was surprised to see these 6-inch Star Wars figures in-package. According to Ashley these figures are sample test prototypes to show to Takara. Ashley was kind enough to open the Stormtrooper to show us how articulated the figure is.

I sure hope one day these figures get made, ThreeA and Star Wars would be a great match indeed! Again, to be clear though, ThreeA is not making or selling these figures – they are just for show for Takara.



I don’t know what Ash is doing in this pic:


I sighed as I thought how tough it will be to get some ThreeA exclusives tomorrow!


18 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – ThreeA Star Wars Sales Prototypes Preview Night”

  1. I would go broke buying these! LOVE THEM!!!

    Hell, I’m a Marvel Legends fanatic, but I’m more excited about the possibility of these!


  2. I agree with everyone else. I think hasbro is foolish for not making these. Every time they get asked they say they’re not considering it. Everyone ever would buy these.

  3. sou do brasil e estou impresionado com tamanha qualidade e detalhes impressionantes sou fan da escala (acale) atual porquer mantem a tradiçao desde o lançamento da linha, porem, gostei muito dos prototipos e estouu aguardando o lançamento aqui no brasil

  4. Be nice of Takara approves this (they are the ones that control the Star Wars toy license for the Japanese Market which I guess is the reason they want to pitch to them)

  5. I quit collecting Star Wars figures a long time ago because of the scale. I just can’t get excited about the little 3.75″ figures anymore. Now if Star Wars were to go into the 6″ market, I would be all over them in a heartbeat. As good as the Star Wars sculpts have gotten lately, these figures clearly blow them away and that’s because you can do more in the 6″ scale. Too bad they’d probably cost between $20 and $25 a pop.

  6. Fantastic, I think if Takara approves this it might be a gateway for Hasbro to jump in! It might be wishful thinking for now but keep your fingers and toes crossed!

    Steve, they’d probably cost a little bit more than $20/$25 seeing that these guys will have soft (and hard for the armor stuff!) goods clothing and excellent articulation. Still, Star Wars has enough rabid fans to support the demand for this I think!

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