Kickstarter Monday: Four Horsemen Launch Mythic Legions Campaign

Four Horsemen Mythic Legions Kickstarter 1

Two years ago at Toy Fair, the Four Horsemen announced plans for their Kickstarter campaign for the Gothitropolis Ravens, which ended up being a runaway success. Today they’ve launched their next campaign, a new fantasy Fantastic Exclusive line called Mythic Legions.

When I talked to them at San Diego Comic-Con last year, they were leaning toward a 4-inch, Glyos-compatible line, similar to their line of Outer Space Men. Because I’m more of a fan of 1/12 scale, I was pleased that they ultimately settled on Mythic Legions being a super-articulated 6-inch line, which will mean these figures will stand side by side with Gothitropolis and Seventh Kingdom figures.

Will the Four Horsemen be able to catch lightning in a bottle a second time on Kickstarter? That’s up to you!

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Truth by Combat – a Seventh Kingdom Epic by Superdadd2 and Izdawiz –

I just love fan-created stories depicted by action figures. Sure, the Four Horseman have said that Superdadd2 and Izdawiz’s epic isn’t Seventh Kingdom canon, but that doesn’t stop it from being a hell of a lot of fun. Check it out!

TBC-Cover-e1383019607880 prologue TBC-1-Scripted

Superdadd2 is the kind of collector who believes that action figures should see tons of play. Over the years, Superdadd2 and his sons have used action figures to create both comic strips and stop-motion movies. His sons have gotten good enough at this that one of their stop-motion movies won a $10,000 prize.

The Never-before-seen “Truth By Combat” comic photo strip featured below is classic Superdadd2. He delights in mixing and matching various figures from numerous unrelated lines to tell a story. It’s important to note that the story in the photo strip below (written by fellow Four Horsemen Fan Izdawiz) is in no way Seventh Kingdom canon and has not being approved by the folks at Four Horsemen Toy Design.

via The First Fantastic “Fan Fare” Figure Feature: Focusing on Fan-Created Fun For Fans, by Fans! « Power Lords Return.

Soapbox Sunday: Five Lessons Mattel Can Learn from the Four Horsemen

Matty Tracker 2014 - T-8 Kickstarter - Gothitropolis Ravens by the Four Horsemen - 35 hours to go

It’s like a Tale of Two Cities – the Four Horsemen are involved in a couple of product pre-order campaigns running in parallel. On one side, they’re the design shop behind Mattel’s Mattycollector Club Eternia and Club Infinite Earths subscriptions for Masters of the Universe Classics and DC Universe Classics. On the other, they’re taking pre-orders for their own Gothitropolis Ravens line through the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter.

As we’ve seen over the past week, folks from Mattel and the Four Horsemen are tearing their hair out over whether the Club Eternia and Club Infinite Earths subscriptions will hit the minimums needed to survive. Meanwhile, the Four Horsemen’s Ravens are flying high. Their Kickstarter campaign hit the funding target during its first week, and proceeded to blast through every stretch goal they started with and even a few more they had to put together along the way.

You might think it easy to dismiss the stark differences in the success of the campaigns as coming from collectors’ growing dislike of Mattel and their service partner Digital River. And while I see a fair amount of anecdotal evidence for Mattel-hate, I believe there are some clear differences in how they run their campaigns that is causing the Mattycollector subscription fallout. If the Mattycollector subs live to fill in product silhouettes again next year, here’s some things Mattel can learn from the Four Horsemen, to make the sign-up period less traumatic and uncertain.

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Toy Fair 2013: Four Horsemen to Kickstart Fantastic Exclusive Ravens

Talked to Cornboy briefly at Toypocalypse tonight – the Four Horsemen will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to finally get the Fantastic Exclusive Ravens into our hands.

[instapress tag=”afptf134hfe” piccount=”0″ size=”150″ effect=”fancybox”]

I’ve got to admit – I’m a bit of a crowdfunding fanatic, and I am regularly looking for cool projects to back on Kickstarter. So when I saw the green Kickstarter logo next to 2-ups of a new set of Ravens and variants, I was pretty enthused. In the past, the Four Horsemen were able to fund the production of the Fantastic Exclusive Seventh Kingdom and Gothitropolis figures, with a little assistance from some of the toy sites and retailers. At the Fwoosh, we were pretty excited to participate in two of those waves.

In the years that followed, though, the economics to self-fund a super-articulated line grew too onerous, and the 4H focused on smaller, less articulated figures like the Outer Space Men. But the Ravens remained near and dear to their hearts, and with the advent of crowdfunding, they believe they’ve found a way to get these made.

They showed eleven figures, including the fanboy-inspired minotaur / duck mashup, but at this point haven’t decided what will be included in the Kickstarter campaign. There’s still discussions on whether some of the variants belong in Seventh Kingdom or Gothitropolis. While some folks might have a stake in one or the other, to me it makes no difference – just get these birds made!

Free Shipping from the Four Horsemen at

I somehow missed this Facebook update from the Four Horsemen on Thanksgiving, but if you’re a fan, you can still take advantage of this free shipping deal through the end of today. It covers all items at the, including the latest Outer Space Men pre-order and the Fantastic Exclusives still in stock, like the Scarabus busts and figures from Gothitropolis and Queen Alluxandra from Seventh Kingdom. Enjoy!


As a thank you to everyone who’s supported us this past year, beginning at midnight tonight, until Monday night at midnight all domestic orders at Store Horsemen will be sent to you with NO SHIPPING CHARGE!

Just place an order at Store Horsemen ( between 12:00am Thursday Nov. 22nd and 12:00am Tuesday Nov. 27th and when we manually process your order, if you live within the continental United States the shipping charges will be completely removed!

We’re very thankful here at Four Horsemen Toy Design for everyone who’s supported us and followed us over the past few years and this is just a little token of our appreciation. THANKS!

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