Ask Matty Q&A for 9/15 (a Couple Days Early!)

Once again, Toy Guru and team are a few days early with their responses for the latest Ask Matty Q&A. Thanks!

1. A lot of collectors still want to get the unleashed version of Doomsday. Is it possible to offer him individually on Mattycollector, or even as the SDCC exclusive in 2014?

DC Universe Classics Club Eternia Doomsday Unleashed DC Universe Classics Club Eternia Doomsday Unleashed (2 of 2)

No. Doomsday was only possible when banked along with 12 partial tool’d figures at tier 2 production quotas. It is not possible to just do Doomsday by himself. His production was tied directly to producing a full year of partially tool’d basic figures at the higher tier 2 quota. After not even hitting tier 1, it becomes that much more difficult to get to this “bigger” more tooling intensive version of Doomsday. We hope this was made clear during the sub-in period.

2. You’ve said you won’t offer a Club Infinite Earths subscription for 2015. Does that rule out all DC subscriptions, say for example, a themed 6-figure sub like Watchmen?

Most likely but never say never. At this point we are working to see if any 2014 releases are even possible and won’t know for a few months.

3. How are the Batman Classic TV Series figures doing? Does this open up other opportunities for 6-inch figures, like for classic movies like the Christopher Reeves Superman or Michael Keaton Batman?

The DC team will be sending answers in the near future.

4. The Skeletor vs He-Man 2-pack for the He-Man app is a lot of fun. What are the chances for more mini-figures in this style for Masters?

Always possible but no direct plans to announce right now.

5. A lot of fans were disappointed this year when Clamp Champ, a character who had a toy in the original Masters toyline, didn’t have day of sales inventory available. What are the chances of that happening in 2014, especially with really popular characters like Two Bad and Modulok?

We have already announced that Two-Bad will not had day of stock in 2014.

12 thoughts on “Ask Matty Q&A for 9/15 (a Couple Days Early!)”

  1. The Doomsday answer is beyond dumb. Everyone wants that figure. Make it $50 for SDCC and it’ll sell just fine.

  2. Mattel sucks for what they did with the collector line. It’s hard not to compare this to Marvel Legends. ML is still alive and getting better after all these years. If only DC and Marvel can coexist in the same universe and have Hasbro take care of both properties. One can dream.

  3. I’m no expert, but when I compare pics of the 2 Doomsdays I feel like the ‘leashed’ version has just as much, if not more tooling than the unleashed. Am I wrong? Anyone else see this?

  4. Thanks Mattel for the pissy “baby with the bath water ” comment on Doomsday. Why make lemonade by making SOME money versus NO money.

  5. TRANSLATION: “I hope we made this clear to all you stupid fans out there: Unleashed Doomsday was only a possibility if you met our obscure and undefined sales goal for our obscure and undefined series of 12 figures that we refuse to tell you anything about. So, it’s all your fault – as usual. Your lack of faith is disturbing, so now you must be punished!!! Thus, you will never get Unleashed Doomsday!! NEVER!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Even if you all were willing to pay $1000 for him, it’s not gonna happen! Let this be a lesson. Maybe next time you sheep will tow the line and do as we say.”

  6. “We’ve decided that anyone that didn’t purchase a sub is not a real fan and does not deserve a Two-Bad figure. Also, we want your money, but we also don’t want your money.”

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