ThreeA Toys Action Portable “Palm in the Face Sunday” Fighting JC

Here’s a quick pic review of ThreeA’s Action Portable PITFS (Palm in the Face Sunday) Fighting JC. This guy is the 6-inch version of the original PITFS 12-inch Fighting JC. ThreeA had pre-orders for these figures last year and they started arriving around last month. There’s 5 versions of JC: the original black robe with red detail JC, Mauro which is a grey skinned JC with blond hair and a black robe and pants, Exegesis with blond hair and garbed in white, a track suit JC, and finally the PITFS version which is the one I picked up. Each figure costs $45 (with $15 shipping) and there was a 4-piece set ($180)  which had all JC’s minus the Tracksuit one, which was a surprise drop during the Action Portable Slicers sale.

There’s not a lot of backstory for this guy except he was sent back by the “Big Guy” to kick some butt in a troubled world. He’s a member of the Adventure Kartel team, a group that battles Zomb MD and his undead army.

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ThreeA Toys WWRp Medic Grunt and Square Set Available for Pre-Order Now

3A Toys WWRp Medic Grunt set

Looks like the Action Portable Ten Finger Gang and Tomorrow Queens will stay up on a little longer. And though it was not expected, the WWRp Medic Grunt and Square set are available to order now too.

I love the Medic colorway and the grunt is cool. Ordered! Thanks to canonball for the heads-up on this set.

Fresh news from Ashley Wood:

“thanks for the support for the Mini’s, many have asked that we leave them up so they can get a chance, so we are gonna do that, also gonna drop the Medic Grunt set as they are ready to go !”

via 3aVOX on Facebook.

ThreeA Toys Action Portable Ten Finger Gang Set and Tomorrow Queens on Sale Today 2/17

AP Tomorrow Queens

My wallet is hating me for the 3A Toys sale that starts today for the 10 Finger Gang set of 11 figures for $290 and Tomorrow Queens (individually for $45 plus shipping or in a 5 figure set for $180) in the Action Portable 1/12 scale. The sets are cheaper than expected (I was thinking about $40 a figure), but it’s still a big outlay all at once.

For the time-zone challenged, the sale starts today at 8PM ET at Happy shopping!

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AFP’s Best of 2012 – Sandman’s Picks

Happy New Year everyone! Well, 2012 has come and gone, and like every year, Ron has asked us to pick our own Best of 2012!

I have to say, 2012 was a tough year for toy collecting for me. With prices going up across the board and my wife and I having our first baby this past July, the budget for toys had to be trimmed down. It didn’t help that there were so many awesome toys that came out during this year! Of the toys that I did manage to get, here’s my Top 5 for 2012!

#5 ThreeA Zombs


These guys were actually available for pre-order from ThreeA in November 2011, but since they came out in 2012 they’re on this list! They’re super articulated zombies with different head sculpts and uniforms and they were a hoot to play with! I wish I had an army of these! I also wish I had gotten one of those War Zombs!

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ThreeA Toys Previews Action Portable Adventure Kartel 10 Finger Gang

In addition to the Action Portable Popbot Tomorrow Queens, over the weekend 3A Toys previewed the Action Portable 1/12 scale 10 Finger Gang. When 3A made the 1/6 versions available for pre-order back in October last year, they were available both as blind-boxed singles and in one huge eleven figure set. No word on price yet, but I’ll guess it’ll be in the $375 to $475 range for all eleven of these. I don’t know if I’m fond enough of the Zombots I have already to order all of these guys, but I definitely do regret not getting all 12 Dirty Deeds Berties back when they were still available as sets (even on the after market). It looks like these will have fully-articulated fingers, so that’s pretty damn cool in this scale.

If you’re curious, in the center is King Thumb, and starting from him it goes 1 through 5 on the left and 6 through 10 on the right. You can find more info on the Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang at the 3A Wiki.

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