Get the DC Collectibles Just-Us-League of Stupid Heroes for Half Off

Subscribers to the DC Entertainment newsletter were offered the DC Collectibles MAD Magazine Alfred E. Neuman mascot inspired Just-Us-League of Stupid Heroes action figures at half off. In addition to Superman, Batman, Robin, and Aquaman, you will also be able to pick up the rest of that usual gang of idiots. Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Flash, the Joker (is he really in the Just-Us-League?) , and a particularly hideous-looking Wonder Woman are all there for half price too.

Try this link to see if you can get the discount on the MAD Just-Us-League figures too. If it works, you should see a small message at the top of the web page saying you’ll get half off the items on the page.

The sale is supposed to be exclusive to newsletter readers, but hopefully I can share it with you. Against the rules? What me worry?

Win Great Toys and More in the DC Entertainment Top 12 of 12 Sweepstakes

DC Entertainment Top 12 of 12 Sweepstakes

DC Entertainment has a number of cool year-end promotions underway. The first is a sweepstakes for a prize package including twelve of the top collectibles from across the DC brand. The toys are just a part of it, but it’s a great set:

  • DC Collectibles Justice League New 52 7-Pack
  • DC Collectibles Justice League New 52 Darkseid
  • Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave
  • LEGO Super Heroes: The Batcave

You’ll also get a bunch of Blu-Rays, some premium hardcover books, and even a Jim lee lithograph – if you win, that is!

Click here to enter the DC Entertainment Top 12 of 12 Sweepstakes.

DC Direct Green Lantern Blackest Night Quick Pics

I’ve been a big fan of Green Lantern since Hal Jordan and Alan Scott took on Solomon Grundy in a Silver Age issue of Justice League of America. When the GL franchise got a boost from what Geoff Johns was doing with Blackest Night, I started building out my Green Lantern Corps, including the key members of the new “Rainbow” Corps. My primary DC collection is still Mattel’s DC Universe Classics, but at the time, many of the supporting characters had not yet been made. So, a bunch of my earlier Green Lantern collection was from DC Direct (now known as DC Collectibles) – including Saint Walker, Atrocitus, Black Hand, Nekron, Kilowog, and Guy Gardner.

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NYCC 2012: DC Collectibles Instapics

Here’s some quick DC Collectibles pics from New York Comic Con.

[instapress tag=”afpnycc12dcc” piccount=”0″ size=”150″ effect=”fancybox”]

I am on the show floor at New York Comic Con. To get you the pics you want as fast as I can, I’m hooking you into my Instagram feed. If you’re on Instagram, follow me at afpron – that’s for AFP Ron, not AF Pron :). Stay tuned for better pictures soon.

SDCC 2012: DC Collectibles Booth Pics

DC Collectibles (9) (1280x721).jpgDC Collectibles (10) (1280x718).jpg

Yep, I’ve still got more pics from San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s some shots from the DC Collectibles portion of the DC Comics booth. One highlight was the diorama of the new Darkseid figure surrounded by the new 52 Justice League of America and an army of Parademons. I also shot the mini-diorama of the new 3.75-inch scaled Green Lantern figures.

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