SDCC 2014: DC Collectibles Arrow, Arkham Knights, and More

SDCC 2014 DC Collectibles Arrow

I posted our pics of the Batman: The Animated Series last night, but DC Collectibles has a lot more in store for fans. While the BTAS figures harken back to the past era of animated shows from DC, the remainder of the DC Collectibles product line focuses on the present. Fans of Arrow and the upcoming spin-off for the Flash will be happy that DCC is doubled down – they’re betting that Flash is going to be as big a hit as Green Arrow and have a figure in the works. Black Canary, Deathstroke, and more versions of Arrow are coming too.

Also keeping with the modern theme, DCC is behind the upcoming Arkham Knights video game. They showed off four figures from the game, including a gorgeous Harley Quinn. Expect more artist-specific lines too, covering recent comic events. And of course, they’ve got New 52 and more DC bombshell statues on the way.

Too Early to Predict Flash TV Figure from DC Collectibles?

DC Comics has been teasing Barry Allen’s Flash costume from its upcoming WB Flash pilot, and I’ve got to believe that DC Collectibles is working on an action figure version. With the Flash spinning off from Arrow (now in its third season), would it be too much of a gamble for DCC to start work on a figure?

While it may be premature to predict success for another Flash TV show (the Jon Wesley Shipp Flash lasted just one season), a Flash action figure could find its way into DC Collectibles’ Arrow line of figures, should the series not take off on its own. Green Arrow and Deathstroke will survive their transition from comics to small screen to action figures, and I think the Flash could too. Are you guys excited for this new version of the Flash?

Red Hood and the Outlaws, Arkham City Clayface Headline DC Collectibles Solicits

If you are suffering from withdrawal from Mattel’s DC Universe Classics after Club Infinite Earths died an ugly death last year, rest assured that DC Collectibles is continuing to make collector-oriented, comics-based action figures, as well as figures supporting the popular DC video games. On the comics front, Red Hood and the Outlaws get a series of figures. I’m not reading the book, so I have no idea whether this version of Jason Todd will delight the fans that were disappointed by Mattel’s costume choice for him. But I do know that Roy wearing a baseball cap looks dumb.

Clayface is the latest deluxe figure from Batman: Arkham City. He’s huge and, at $99.95, ┬áhas the price tag to match. And there’s more, including more Injustice and some Earth 2 heroines.

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Weekend Toy Run: Save up to 50% at Shop DC Entertainment’s 2nd Black Friday Sale

ShopDCEntertainment Black Friday Returns

I know it’s the holiday season and that we should expect sales, but I’m exhibiting my crotchety old man ways and hating on the overuse of terms like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the like. A couple weeks ago, I was at my front door screaming at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn when I heard about Brown Thursday and Mattycollector’s 8 Day Cyber Monday Week that started on Tuesday, and nearly had an aneurysm. [/rant]

This weekend, you’ll be able to pick up a bunch of stuff from DC Collectibles at Shop DC Entertainment’s “Black Friday Returns!” sale. For example, the MAD Just-Us-League figures are back on sale for over half off. But there’s even more stuff – 337 items in total on sale, including action figures, busts, statues, phone cases, and clothing. The sale features DC merchandise from other partners too, including Mattel (Man of Steel and DC Unlimited stuff), Square Enix Play Arts Kai figures from Arkham, DC LEGO sets, and DC Mimobots from Mimoco, to name a few. There’s even the Hot Toys Camo Tumbler.

The best discounts are on the DC Collectibles stuff, as you might expect. I’m just trying to prep myself for the next couple of Black Fridays until Christmas (which thankfully falls on a Wednesday) is over. Bah humbug!

DC Collectibles Solicits Reveal DC Comics Designer Series by Greg Capullo, More Supervillains, and Arrow 2-Pack

DC Collectibles played the Spoiler Alert game with the Capullo Riddler, and he’ll be joined by 3 other figures in the first series: Batman, Talon, and Nightwing. They’re due out in April and May next year.┬áThe solicits also more New 52 super-villains with Bizarro and Deathstorm (who?), and included the Arkham City Two-Face that was teased in the week with Solomon Grundy feature – apparently he’s on his own, and not with another wave of Arkham action figures.

Finally, an action figure 2-pack for the Arrow TV series, with Oliver Queen and Deathstroke – are you guys excited about this?

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