AFP’s Ask Matty Round-Up for 9/1/9

Here is the latest set of questions and answers from Mattel.  Thanks to Mattel and Toy Guru!

DC Universe Classics

1. Now that you have a paint mask set up for the Romat Ru, what are the chances for a larger Sinestro? Any chance that Sinestro could be redone using the slim buck you created for Deadman?

Sinestro Corps - Romat Ru (769x1024).jpgSinestro Corps - Romat Ru 2 (766x1024).jpgSinestro Corps - Romat Ru and Karu-Sil (1024x769).jpg

We are looking at ways of re-doing Sinestro in the future.

2. You’ve described in the past how the team makes character pics for DC Universe Classics waves. How is the process different for retailer exclusive waves? How are the buyers from the retailers involved for those?

The process is the same for all waves: we discuss all waves or box sets with our retail partners, and we work with Mattel design and marketing, as well as our license partners, to choose the figures.

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I saw these two deals for that start today and run through Saturday.

There aren’t a heck of a lot of items available for the BOGO offer, but these might be of interest.

AFP’s Ask Matty Round-Up for 8/15/9

Now that the whirlwind of San Diego Comic-Con is behind us, Mattel is back at the never-ending task of answering our fan questions.  If you’ve got something you’d like to ask Matty in a future installment, leave us a comment and we’ll try to incorporate it an upcoming batch.

Here’s the latest set of Q&A.  Thanks to Mattel and Toy Guru!

1. Great showing at SDCC! Of the various new announcements that Mattel made at SDCC (or shortly thereafter), which one are you most excited about and why?

The World’s Greatest Superheroes and 12” Movie Masters of Superman and Zod are personal favorites. The first World’s Greatest figure, Green Arrow, will be on MattyCollector on 12/15/09 followed by a retail wave in late Spring 2010. These will be incredible!

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AFP’s Ask Matty Round-Up for 6/1/9

Here’s the latest round of Q&A with Mattel. Thanks again to Toy Guru!

1. With the upcoming DC Universe Classics 2-pack of Alexander Luthor and Ultraman, Mattel is showing that they can go pretty deep in terms of character selection. What are some of the DC team’s favorite characters that you think may never be able to make it into the line for whatever reason? Hopefully Jonah Hex isn’t on that list!


We are hoping to get to both obscure and A-list characters in time. If there is fan demand, the sky’s the limit.

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