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DC Universe Color of Fear 2 Karu-Sil and Romat-Ru (1200x800).jpgMattel had a couple of updates on its Facebook page yesterday.  First, a reminder that the sale on DC Universe items is ending on Monday (at 11:59PM ET, if you like to really to push the limits).  It’s based on the number of items purchased.

  • Buy any two or three DC Universe products and get 15% off
  • Buy any four or more and get 25% off

I’m surprised that not one of the products that are included in the sale have sold out yet, including the really fantastic DC Universe Classics Color of Fear 2-Pack.

Second, a preview of the items going on sale on December 15.  I knew I wasn’t crazy calling the DCUC Justice in the Jungle 2-pack “Animal Instincts!”

December 15th is almost here! 12” Egon Spengler, Retro-Action Green Arrow, 1:24 Mater, Animal Instinct 2-pack and more on sale Tuesday, 12/15 at Noon ET/9am PT

But there’s so much more:

Happy Holidays, Toy Fans!

Tuesday, December 15th, is the next big sale at Just in time for the holidays, we’ve got all the best gifts for the MIC (“Most Important Collector”) in your life… that’s you, of course!

Make your wish list and check it twice to make sure it’s got all of these must-have products:

For those curious about the 3 for $15 flight stands, that’s the first look we’ve had of them.  Stay tuned – because we should have more images posted shortly.

via 12″ Egon Spengler™, Retro-Action™ Green Arrow & More On Sale 12/15.

Mattel Collector Lines General Update

DC Universe Classics Wave 11 - Steppenwolf - comic (1200x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Wave 11 - Steppenwolf - Super Powers (1200x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Wave 11 - Deadman (1198x1200).jpgMOTUC - Mossman (764x1024).jpgMOTUC - Battle Cat 3 (1024x769).jpg

Mattel posted a general update for its collector lines.  It’s quite long, so I’ll summarize it here.

  • DC Universe Classics wave 11 will be sold on in master cases of 8 (both Steppenwolves, regular Deadman), but may not be until after the holidays
  • 12-inch General Zod and 8-inch Green Arrow are coming on December 15
  • New JLU 3-packs should be hitting Target in force before the holidays
  • Select Avatar figures on MattyCollector starting December 1
  • WWE is coming January 1 (yes, we know!)
  • Masters of the Universe Classics Moss Man sample will be posted as soon as the “fur” color is right (I thought it was moss :-))
  • Mattel is working on Battle Cat packaging – currently his mask is falling off in package (a box with blister back)
  • Evil Lyn will be the April 2010 figure, and will be featured in Toy Fare #150, the 2010 preview issue
  • More Ghostbusters are planned, but it might not be until San Diego Comic-Con 2010 until we get all the news


Also, don’t forget – it’s sale day on on Monday at Noon Eastern.  I’ll be picking up a Masters of the Universe Scareglow via my subscription, and will probably pick up a couple DC Universe Classics Color of Fear 2-packs separately.

He-Man re-releaseMasters of the Universe Classics ScareglowColor of Fear 2-pack

Gee, Mattel, can you and Digital River *please* work on finding a way to combine extra orders with the subscriptions?  Don’t penalize your loyal customers.

Continue reading “Mattel Collector Lines General Update” Release Dates through End of Year

Mattel has published a release schedule for the remainder of the year.  As we suspected, the Dark Knight figures were pushed back by a month.  And check out December – better start saving up for the holidays! 😀

Upcoming sale dates for

Hey gang,

We are working on getting items up on about 3 months before the onsale date. Until that goes live in a few weeks, here is an update through the end of the year:

Oct 15:

  • Ghostbusters 12″ Ray – $60.00
  • Ghostbusters 6″ Ray – $20.00
  • MOTUC Teela $20.00 (subscription figure)
  • MOTUC Zodak – $20.00
  • Dark Knight Movie Masters Bank Robber Joker – $20.00

Nov 15:

  • DCUC Color of Fear 2 pack -$25.00
  • DCU JLU Doom Patrol 4 pack -$30.00
  • Dark Knight Proto Suit Batman $20.00
  • MOTUC Scareglow – $20.00 (subscription figure)
  • MOTUC He-Man reissue $20.00
  • CARs Die Cast 1:24 Mater $45.00

Dec 1:

  • 3 3/4 Avatar collection (retail items, not exclusive to

Dec 15:

  • Ghostbusters 12″ Egon $60.00
  • Ghostbusters 6″ Winston with Trap – $20.00
  • DC Superfriends Robin $15.00
  • DC Superfriends Hawkman (brown deco) $15.00
  • DCUC Animal Instinct 2 pack $25.00
  • DC 12″ General Zod $60.00
  • Dark Knight MM Harvey Dent $20.00
  • World’s Greatest DC Superheroes Green Arrow -$20.00
  • MOTUC Goddess $20.00
  • MOTUC King Randor $20.00 (subscription figure)
  • MOTUC Skeletor re-issue $20.00
  • CARs Die Cast 1:24 Doc $45.00
  • Flying Stands for 6″ Mattel figures $15.00 (3 stands)

There may be a few additional item as well and not everything always goes to plan. If any of these dates change we will be sure to announce and update as soon as possible.

Wait until you see 2010! Lots of great items in store!


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