Mattel Reveals San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives –

Just like last year, Mattel revealed a few of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives on Attack of the Show last night. Highlighted were:

  • Green Lantern Movie Kilowog – $30 – will be first available at SDCC
  • DC Universe Classics Swamp Thing featuring exoskeletal articulation (rubber skin over an articulated frame) – $30 – like Gleek and the Starro face-huggers, Swampy’s Un-Men will be exclusive to SDCC
  • Voltron 6-inch super-articulated – $30 – will come with both versions of his sword and packaging will feature a sound chip that plays the full Voltron opening theme
  • Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with packaging diorama – $70 – this thing looks massive, maybe 18-inches tall

While they didn’t highlight any Masters of the Universe Classics items, keen-eyed observers may have spotted what looks like a space-suited Queen Marlena with interchangeable heads and dress, with a Cringer slug figure. Check that out at 37 seconds into the video.

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Hasbro Marvel Brand Team Interview Part 1 of 2

Coming out of Toy Fair, Hasbro’s PR team was kind enough to set up a brief interview with the Hasbro Marvel brand team. We took the opportunity to touch on a range of subjects, including the upcoming movie figures, Marvel Universe, and what’s in store for us with the Marvel Legends re-launch. Thanks to Scott George, David Vonner, and Dwight Stall for participating.

1) Coming out of Toy Fair, it looks like it will be another fantastic year for Marvel in the 3.75-inch scale. With so much focus on the Thor and Captain America (pictured below)  movie lines, how will that affect how much product we see on shelves from the Marvel Universe line?

Ultimate Captain America - wave 1Winter Soldier - wave 1Captain America WWII - wave 1Bucky Captain America - wave 2Captain America Britain - wave 2Crossbones - wave 2Captain America Final Mission - wave 2US Agent - wave 2Captain America Night Landing - wave 3 4Captain America Classic Update - wave 1

The Marvel Universe line continues to perform incredibly well at retail so there should be minimal impact to the number of pegs when we add these new blockbuster properties to the mix. If anything, you should find more MU product in the Fall – just as soon as the new team packs hit shelves in August.

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threeA Toys San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Night Watch Heavy Bramble and Popbot Sneak Peak

A few days ago we shared 3A’s sneak peek at the WWRp Day Watch Heavy Bramble – as we suspected, that will be just one of the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives offered by 3A.

While I was wholly expecting a Night Watch Heavy to accompany it’s much whiter counterpart, I am absolutely delighted that the Ascended Pop Bot (and its Kitty) will make its way into 1/12 scale. Half of this drop will be offered online, and the other half at SDCC – although these two won’t be handled by IDW, so we’ll have to see how to get them. Can’t wait!

You can find more info in Gimbat’s 2011/3A latest daily news and updates thread.

threeA Toys and IDW San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Day Watch Heavy Bramble Sneak Peak

The folks at 3A Toys had been saying for a while that they’d have some exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con, and they’ve revealed the first, with IDW, the folks they partnered with for the first WWRp Bramble. That Bramble was also an exclusive at SDCC, a couple of years back.

In their blog post, they reference the NW (Night Watch) colorway, but the pic is clearly labeled Day Watch and shows that colorway. But you can’t really have one without the other, right?

IDW will be selling these at SDCC etc, 3A doesnt know what their selling practices are for SDCC, so email Ted Adams ( or tweet him, his favorite way to be poked ) and ask him!

The image has NW HEavy Bramble nekkid not sporting his tough guy pouches etc. We will have two 3A exclusive toys that will be available online and the show ( limited amounts for both etc ) more on them soon !

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