Hot Toys Announces Nick Fury from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hot Toys Captain America The Winter Soldier Nick Fury 01

Ever since he made his cameo appearance in the post-credit scene in the first Iron Man movie, I’d been wondering if we’d ever get to see what’s underneath Nick Fury’s eye patch. And after appearing in another four movies (Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Avengers) and the Agents of SHIELD TV show, we finally did, at the climax of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. How many eye-related puns did we have to endure in the process?

The eye reveal must have motivated Hot Toys to release a new Nick Fury. The first came a few years back as part of the Hot Toys Avengers line-up. I skipped it back then, and while I think the likeness to Samuel L. Jackson is improved, I’m not sure I’ll pull the trigger here either. The Avengers Fury came with a pistol, radio, rocket launcher, and the briefcase that housed the Tessaract. In comparison, the Winter Soldier Fury comes with a pistol, cell phone, arm sling, and an encrypted thumb drive to move the plot forward. Meanwhile, the price has crept up. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one. (Groan.)

You can pre-order the Hot Toys Captain America TWS Nick Fury at Sideshow Collectibles.

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Marvel Legends Thanos – Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thanos

Marvel Legends Thanos wave group shot (1 of 8)

As you may have seen, while I was traveling, I was lucky enough to pick up the Marvel Legends Batroc and Spider-Woman (see their fly-by video) on the pegs at a Hong Kong Toys R Us. I had a pre-order for the Marvel Legends Thanos wave at Amazon (they’re all in stock at regular or sale prices, except for Spider-Woman), and now the rest of the wave, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America are here.

That means I can complete my Thanos Build-a-Figure, who was missing his right arm and both legs. I opted not to pick up Hellcat because I didn’t want to be tempted by the leftover BAF piece – like Spider-Woman, she comes with Thanos’ head and left arm. The completionist tendencies (which I am trying to break) will probably win out in the long run.

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Take on the Winter Soldier with the Hot Toys Falcon Giveaway

Hot Toys Falcon Giveaway

Sideshow Collectibles is back with another Hot Toys giveaway, this time for the Falcon from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Falcon comes with his flight backpack with LED lights, which you can configure with fully extended wings. He also comes with interchangeable hands, a pair of submachine guns, and those awesome flight goggles.

The entry period for the contest ends on March 30, but you can hedge your bets and pick up the Marvel Falcon Marvel Sixth Scale Figure directly from Sideshow. After all, you might have to take on three SHIELD Helicarriers plus a crazy Russian super-assassin from the Cold War today.

The Falcon appears next in Avengers: Age of Ultron, in just over a month. On your left!

Weekend Toy Run: Selected Marvel Legends on Sale at

The holidays are a great time to pick up figures on sale as retailers look to clear slower movers at the end of the year. So while you won’t see any of the harder to find figures on this list, you may be able to fill some gaps in your collection or get some fodder for customizing projects. Here are some of the lowest-priced Marvel Legends at Amazon. I’ve picked out the ones that qualify for Prime shipping – even if you’re not a Prime member, getting over $25 in your cart will qualify you for free 2-day shipping.

There’s a lot more Marvel Legends at Amazon on sale – I just picked ones I saw under $12. Happy shopping!

SDCC 2014: Hot Toys Marvel Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy

SDCC 2014 Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy

I’d only seen Hot Toys’ teaser of Star-Lord for Comic-Con, but was happy to see all of the Guardians of the Galaxy present at Sideshow Collectibles’ display of the Hot Toys Marvel movie characters. I snapped pics of as much of the Guardians as I could, and included the recent additions to the Avengers / Captain America / Iron Man lines. Falcon and Winter Soldier both look awesome, and the Bones armor from Iron Man 3 has an impressive amount of detail. They also had the SHIELD Helicarrier on site – it could double for a small coffee table.

I believe you can pre-order Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Iron Man in the Hot Toys section at Sideshow Collectibles. Happy shopping!

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