threeA Toys WWRp Dirty Deeds 12-Pack

Much to my chagrin, I was woefully ignorant about 3A Toys and World War Robot when the Dirty Deeds 12-pack was announced, back in October last year. They were only available for pre-order for a 24-hour window. When I saw tigerfeet’s pics on the 3A Toys forum, I asked if I could repost them here. I’m not sure why, because it’s more than a little like torture to see these great pics of toys I’ll probably never have in my own collection.


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World War Robot and World War 2 – Photo Manipulation

Ok, so we here at AFP seem a little obsessed lately with Ashley Wood’s World War Robot from threeA Toys. Can you blame us? And in this obsession, some of us find that simply displaying or playing with our toys is not enough. We need them to come to life. That is where Photoshop comes in…

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threeA Toys WWRp mk2 Euro Bramble Pouches

WWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches (1200x901).jpg

Many thanks to those of you who let me know that 3A Toys was sending out pouches that were inadvertently left out of the WWRP MK2 Euro Brambles. I contacted the folks from whom I picked up the Merc and Euro Brambles and they were great about sending out the pouches that they just recently got.

WWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches 1 (900x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches 2 (1200x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches 3 (1200x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches 4 (900x1200).jpgWWRP MK2 Euro Bramble - Pouches 5 (899x1200).jpg

They come in a sealed plastic bag, and at first I thought the color scheme was a bit darker than the holsters that originally came with the Euro. But I was wrong – they match perfectly, and they also feel a little less gritty than the pouches that came with the Merc.

I hope to have some Berties to take pictures of soon. Stay tuned!

threeA Toys WWRp Bertie Adventure 7-Pack – Individual Reviews – BattleGrip

BattleGrip has started the individual reviews for each Bertie from the WWRP Bertie Adventure 7-Pack, including the exclusive bloody Dirty Deeds variant and Warbot, which we won’t see released at retail. I’ve probably missed some of the reviews in my quick look there today, but they’ve got so much robot goodness going on recently there’s a lot of great stuff to go through.

Check out the reviews here: Dirty DeedsMarineMedic, and Warbot.