Get Your Personalized S.H.I.E.L.D. ID Card for Free!

Do you remember the eFX SHIELD Badge and ID Card from NYCC? One of the perks of getting the NYCC exclusive was a personalized SHIELD ID card – all you had to do was send in your picture and your name / vital stats and BAM, SHIELD agent with a card to prove it. Of course, you had to buy the SHIELD badge too, and that was $50. Now Cafepress has gone even further – they are offering a customized SHIELD ID card for free as a promotion for Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Or, nearly free, as it were. You’ve still got to pay the shipping, which is a a buck and change or more depending on where you are. It’s pretty simple – you just upload your photo and enter your info.

This version of the SHIELD ID has a red border, while the ID cards featured on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show are gold. But that doesn’t matter to you, right? I mean, free is free! Today’s a great day to pick one up – Cafepress is also running promotions this weekend on all their customized gear. Now if only someone would produce customized HYDRA ID cards, I’d be set.

Hot Toys Announces Spidey from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Hot Toys Amazing Spider-Man 2 01

We’re a couple of weeks away from the opening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Hot Toys has revealed the first of its figures from the sequel to the reboot. This may be the first Spidey figure I’ve gotten from them – I’m still debating whether I like the Tobey Maguire version or the Andrew Garfield version better, but as far as the suits are concerned, this latest iteration is my favorite. Aside from the texture (which I can accept as a real-world interpretation), the darker blue color, and the long legs on the Spidey symbol, it’s the closest to the comics as it’s ever been.

Now, not having kept up with all the movie news, I’m not sure where the extra accessories fit in, but a bullhorn, parka, backpack, and knit hat don’t seem that exciting to me. I’m surprised they’re not including an unmasked head – but that might just mean another version (battle-damaged?) is in the works. If accessories are your thing, there’s an exclusive Plutonium canister – I am guessing that Sideshow will have this, even though my search for Spider-Man at Sideshow doesn’t have this figure listed yet. It soon should be.

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Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia – Map of the Horde Empire Viewer

Each year when the Club Eternia exclusives ship, I publish one of the more popular posts on AFP – the map viewer for the Club Eternia exclusive map. This year, Mattel shipped the Map of Horde Empire with the very mysterious Unnamed One. I still don’t know what the Unnamed One looks like, because I’m away from home.

  • Position your mouse over areas of the map to magnify it.
  • To zoom in or out, scroll up or down with your mousewheel.

If I’m away, how did I get this map done? Big thanks again to my wife, who made this possible again this year. Enjoy exploring the Horde Empire, and be sure to visit our previous installments:

Hot Toys Reveals “Golden Age” Cap from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America the Winter Soldier Golden Age 01

Hot Toys may be calling this the “Golden Age” version of the Captain America suit, but we all have seen that there are differences between the Captain America suits from The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier (and if you enter the Hot Toys contest before tomorrow, you’ll get a chance to win some Hot Toys stuff from the Winter Soldier movie). We’ve seen the previews of the “Super Soldier” suit and Hot Toys also announced another Black Widow, but we’ve yet to see if they’ll be producing the Falcon.

No pre-orders for this new Cap yet, and I suppose that’s why they’ve got the “Movie Promo Edition” tag on the pictures, but you can keep this search for Hot Toys Captain America at Sideshow handy for when the pre-order does pop up. Two weeks to go for the movie!

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ThreeA Toys WWRp JEA Meat is Murder Set Up For Pre-Order Today

3A Toys is releasing the extremely popular Meat is Murder set from the World War Robot line, this time in 1/12 Portable scale. The pre-order opens up this evening at 6PM PST, with two sets available at Bambaland (but be prepared for surprise drops). The regular set includes an impressive five figures –  a Grunt, 2 Squares, a Dropcloth, and an Armstrong – all in the JEA Marine MiM colorway, for $160. The second set is exclusive to 3AA members and adds a Harold for $200 total – but remember 3AA members get a 15% discount.

Speaking of Harolds, I’ve got a 1/6 scale JEA Marine Harold up on eBay right now – the thing is massive, so I’ve opted to just keep the 1/12 version for my collection. Thanks for looking!

WWRp (1/12th scale) JEA MIM set pre-order opens on March 14th at Bambalandstore and as mentioned previously, it’s 160USD shipped (prior to 3AA discount).

We will be offering 3AA exclusive JEA MIM deluxe set as well, it will feature Harold MIM and will be 200USD shipped.

via 3aVOX – Timeline Photos.

Last Chance to Subscribe to Mattycollector Club Etheria Today

The pre-order window for the Club Etheria mini-subscription closes today. Like last year’s Club Filmation, Club Etheria will include six figures and a club exclusive (the translucent Light Hope) to be shipped in the second half of this year. Take note that last year, not all the individual figures had availability for day-of sales – so the safe bet is to subscribe.

Although she is not part of the Club Etheria subscription, She-Ra is available separately as a Collection Essentials figure.


LightHope_EtheriaSubClub Etheria™ Subscription Closes 3/10

Here’s your friendly reminder that the order period for the limited-subscription Club Etheria™ ends on 3/10 at 11:59PM PT! Don’t miss out on your chance to celebrate the 30th anniversary of She-Ra® with six new figures from the vintage line and the Filmation series.

The collection-essential series includes Double Mischief™ July, Madam Razz™ & Broom August, and Entrapta™ September, plus three more to be announced. And remember, only members of Club Etheria™ will receive the club-exclusive figure Light Hope™, as well as Early Access and your choice of monthly or quarterly shipping options. Don’t wait any longer. Get your subscription today… for the honor of Grayskull™!

via Matty | News.

ThreeA Toys WWR EVOL Launches with Marquis de Plume Pre-Order Today

ThreeA Toys WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume 01

The second phase of 3A Toys’ World War Robot franchise begins today, with the pre-order of the WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume. For the time-zone challenged, that takes place on Bambaland starting at 8PM EST today. The Marquis de Plume will cost $130 (includes shipping), and 3AA members will be able to pre-order an exclusive set with a Prey Box for $15 more. No official pics yet of the Prey Box, but 3A says it will be different from the one shipped as a bonus in 2013′s 3AA membership kit to folks who’ve been members since its inception.

3A will also have two Marquis de Plume t-shirts available. Price has not been revealed, but they’re typically priced like the ones you get at rock concerts – in other words, get ready to empty your wallets. As Eminem rapped – love is evil (spell it backwards). Profound.

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Don’t Miss the DC Collectibles 50K Facebook Likes Thank You Sweepstakes

DC Collectibles 50K Likes Sweepstakes

DC Collectibles has a pretty nifty giveaway going on. The prize pack includes some signed collectibles (including a 1:1 Power Battery, a Wonder Woman statue, and a Batman bust) and two action figures (Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and the 2013 SDCC exclusive Arkham City Hugo Strange).

They’re hosting this sweepstakes after hitting a big milestone – fifty thousand likes for the DC Collectibles Facebook page. And you don’t even have to like them on Facebook to enter the contest. Good luck!

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Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Legends All New X-Men Exclusive Set Up For Pre-Order

Marvel Legends All-New X-Men - Packaging

Toys R Us has their exclusive Marvel legends All New X-Men box set available for pre-order. The preliminary info we had (check out more pics of the Marvel Legends All New X-Men box set) had the set due to arrive at stores a the start of this month for $84.99. The pre-order page has it listed with an expected 3/19 ship date and an $89.99 price tag.

A delay in overseas shipping is pretty common, but the price increase is just Toys R Us looking to capitalize on the increased popularity of the current Legends line-up, which has had pretty good sell-through in their stores. I guess the silver lining here is that the Marvel Legends line is selling well.

Toy Fair 2014: Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast, Club Etheria, and DC Super Powers Highlight Mattycollector Reveals

There’s no substitute for seeing the figures in person, but Mattel has been kind enough to share the big reveals from its Collector Event this afternoon via the Mattycollector site. In previous teases leading up to Toy Fair, Mattel promised a subscription in the likes of Club Filmation in 2013 and a send-off for DC Universe Classics – and they did exactly that. Club Etheria is a six figure sub that apparently will have some day of sales. The previously revealed Madam Razz and Broom land in this sub, which also features Double Mischief, Entrapta, and the club exclusive Light Hope. An additional accessory was shown for one of the unrevealed figures – if you didn’t guess it, Mattel provided a spoiler in the image file name.

As for the DC Universe Classics send-off, Mattycollector will offer 6 figures, 3 each in September and October – with an enticing Collect & Connect if you get all six. It’s a Super Powers send-off, featuring Batman, Superman (in 2 flavors, one of them in the fan-demanded light blue), Wonder Woman, Green Lantern as the Riddler, and Mr. Mxyzptlk. The C&C is Kalibak, in his Super Powers brown colors. It really is a fitting finale for the line, which Mattel and the Four Horsemen have said had its roots in the classic Super Powers line.

Finally, Rio Blast was revealed as the September figure for Club Eternia. For fans of the Spirit of Hordak chase figure, Mattel will repeat that in 2014, with a Kowl and Loo-Kee 2-pack. And in a licensing move that feels odd to action figure collectors, Mattel is making Hot Wheels from Marvel Comics. And there’s much more – read on for the press release and pics.

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