Heads Up: Marvel Avengers Legends Agents of Shield 3-Pack Exclusive In Stock at ToysRUs.com

Marvel Avengers Legends Agents of Shield 3-Pack - packaged

If you’ve been on the hunt for Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, and Maria Hill, you’re in luck – the Marvel Legends Agents of Shield 3-pack that’s exclusive to Toys R Us is now in stock. The 3-pack, which could also have been called Directors of Shield, is priced at $49.99, so it qualifies for the TRU free shipping deal.

Considering how prices dropped on the Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and Radioactive Man exclusive at Target, I thought about waiting to order. But I think this might sell a bit more briskly, given the stronger ties to the Agents of Shield TV show and the Avengers movies. Plus, the only repeat here is Nick Fury, who was last available a few years back in the Wal-Mart line. Coulson and Hill have not had figures before and are completely new.

Thanks to Paul again for the heads-up, and happy shopping!

Make Your Perfect Getaway with the Hot Toys Joker Giveaway

Sideshow Collectibles Joker Bank Robber v2 Giveaway

Sideshow Collectibles is hosting a particularly tempting giveaway for the Hot Toys “Bank Robber” Joker from opening sequence of The Dark Knight. This is Hot Toys’ second iteration of this version of the Heath Ledger Joker – it features improved paint apps on the Joker head sculpt, a new alternate head featuring the clown mask, and better fitting clothes, among other improvements. It was a “Toy Fair” exclusive last year, meaning it was available at various conventions internationally and exclusively through Sideshow here in the States.

Of course, if you don’t want to enter the giveaway, which ends this Sunday, March 22, you can always just buy the Joker (Bank Robber Version 2.0) Sixth Scale Figure directly from Sideshow, and introduce a little anarchy…

Weekend Toy Run: Almost BOGO on Venture Bros. – Today Only!

Venture Bros. almost BOGO sale

From Brock Samson to Phantom Limb, every figure from the Big Bang Pow! 3.75-inch Venture Bros. line is on sale with a special buy one, get one 90% off deal. So, if you get Hank for $9.99, you can get Dean for under a buck… sounds about right.

There’s eight figures in all (Doc Venture, the Monarch, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, and the bloody con exclusive version of Brock are also available), so you can have some fun deciding who you got cheap. Go Team Venture!

Note: Our email digests are sent out once a day (we don’t want to clog your inbox when we post more than that), and some subscribers can miss out on these one day only sales. Please consider following AFP on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter for instant updates. Happy shopping!

New Stretch Goal Announced and Unlocked for Four Horsemen Mythic Legions Kickstarter

Mythic Legions Azhar, Zazhar, and Sir Valgard

With under a week left and the original funding target and stretch goals surpassed, the Four Horsemen’s Mythic Legions Kickstarter project has picked up momentum – and is now moving faster than they can supply updates. After revealing Azhar and Zazhar, the demonic pair of figures that had been unlocked sight unseen, the Four Horsemen posted a new stretch goal for the Kickstarter-exclusive Sir Valgard and a weapons accessory pack… which was promptly unlocked.

But there’s more to come. The Four Horsemen have revealed artwork for a Mythic Legions comic book, and teased another stretch goal that will include a second weapons pack and perhaps more characters. I’m hoping we’ll see an orc army-builder. Stay tuned!

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Sideshow Collectibles Batman Gotham Knight Sixth Scale Preview and Giveaway

I’ve been having a great time taking pictures of the exclusive Sideshow Collectibles Batman from last year (check out @AFPRon on Instagram) – it’s easily my favorite Batman figure I’ve owned (and I have a lot of them). While the sixth scale Batman is still available in the non-exclusive version, if your tastes run toward the black and gray, Sideshow has put up a preview of a “Gotham Knight” variant of Batman.

In addition to the palette change to black and gray, the Gotham Knight version of Bats has some other changes from the original. It comes with three portraits with interchangeable facial expressions – the newest having extra long bat ears, reminiscent of Kelley Jones’s rendition of the Dark Knight. Mix and match ears to grimaces to your heart’s content. The bat symbol on his chest is also different from the original, and the buckle on his utility belt matches the pouches (on the earlier Batman the buckle was a darker metallic.

I think I’m set with the blue and gray, but if you haven’t yet jumped on this line, you couldn’t go wrong with either. The Gotham Knight Batman will go up for pre-order tomorrow, for $199.99. Sideshow is also giving away a Gotham Knight Batman – so check out the preview to enter.

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