SDCC 2017: Hasbro Marvel Legends Report

Finally, here’s our Marvel Legends Report for SDCC 2017 – all the reveals, videos, booth pics, official PR pics, and teases – all in one spot. And while Hasbro showed off a massive amount of new figures and more for the remainder of this year and the start of next, there’s still a lot more to go. Of the new waves, they revealed only one completely.

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SDCC 2015: Hasbro Marvel Legends – Preview Night

SDCC 2015 - Hasbro Marvel Legends - Preview Night (1 of 18)

It’s Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con, and one of my first stops was the Hasbro booth to check in on Marvel Legends. Hasbro has spent a little to upgrade the display cases throughout its booth, with clear glass cases and spotlights that provide dramatic backlighting that is bright enough to allow for clear pictures. This comes at the trade-off of less display space. What the Marvel team put out on Preview Night was mostly what we had seen and heard about at Toy Fair. But there were a few figures that we saw in person for the first time, and a couple of ones that snuck out that were surprises.

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Marvel Legends Thanos – Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thanos

Marvel Legends Thanos wave group shot (1 of 8)

As you may have seen, while I was traveling, I was lucky enough to pick up the Marvel Legends Batroc and Spider-Woman (see their fly-by video) on the pegs at a Hong Kong Toys R Us. I had a pre-order for the Marvel Legends Thanos wave at Amazon (they’re all in stock at regular or sale prices, except for Spider-Woman), and now the rest of the wave, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America are here.

That means I can complete my Thanos Build-a-Figure, who was missing his right arm and both legs. I opted not to pick up Hellcat because I didn’t want to be tempted by the leftover BAF piece – like Spider-Woman, she comes with Thanos’ head and left arm. The completionist tendencies (which I am trying to break) will probably win out in the long run.

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Hasbro Marvel Legends Batroc, Spider-Woman, and Thanos Video Fly-By

Marvel Legends Batroc, Spider-Woman, and Thanos - AFP video fly-by

In my excitement to post pics of Batroc, Spider-Woman, and (part of) the Thanos build-a-figure from the latest wave of Marvel Legends, I forgot to shoot a fly-by video. Allow me to correct that.

Now that I’ve got a few of these on the AFP YouTube channel, would you guys give me some feedback? When I watch video reviews of figures, most of the time I mute the sound, and let the figures speak for themselves. But what do you like? Would you prefer some music, or even some commentary? What else would you like to see? Let me know.

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Marvel Legends Thanos Wave – Batroc, Spider-Woman and Thanos

Although Amazon has moved up its delivery timeframe on the Marvel Legends Avengers Infinite Series, the Thanos wave still isn’t due to ship until late March / early April. I was lucky enough to be in Hong Kong, and even more fortunate that my wife convinced me to stop in the Toys R Us at the Ocean Terminal on our last day there. And even though I had a pre-order already, I couldn’t stop myself from picking up Batroc the Leaper and Spider-Woman.

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