ThreeA Toys Megatron Up for Pre-Order Tonight

3A Toys Transformers Megatron 1

Hot on the heels of their first Transformers premium scale figure, Bumblebee, 3A Toys will have the big bad himself, Megatron, up for pre-order tonight. Like Bumblebee, Megatron features a movie-accurate, detailed sculpt, is super-articulated with over 70 POA, and features light-up LED eyes. You won’t be transforming him into a vehicle mode, but with this amount of detail you’d probably need the Allspark itself to pull that off.

Megatron stands over 1.5 feet tall (Bumblebee checks in at 15 inches), so he’s appropriately massive. Want to roll out with Megatron? Check out Bambalandstore at 8PM EST tonight. The Bambaland exclusive Megatron comes with the Matrix of Leadership and a tattered cloak to cover up that battle damage. Can’t wait for more? Expect Optimus Prime and Starscream right around the corner.

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ThreeA Toys Judge Death Up for Pre-Order Now

3A Toys Judge Death 5

3A Toys has held its 2000 A.D. license for several years now, but they’ve released figures more slowly than we’d like. In 2010, they released Tharg, followed by ABC Warriors Mongrol and Ro-Jaws in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Today’s pre-order for Judge Death marks their launch into the more widely known Judge Dredd domain and their transition to the 1/12 scale for 2000 A.D. (Tharg was a 1/6 scale figure, and the ABC Warriors came in both 1/6 and 1/12 scales.)

Judge Death features a new 3A super-articulated body, fabric apps, and will come in two colorways – a standard colored version and a 3A-exclusive “classic comic” grey-scale. Both versions of the 3A Toys Judge Death are available for pre-order at Bambaland for $60 each. Dredd and Hammerstein have been teasssssssed as the next figures in the pipeline.

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Toy Soul 2014 (Hong Kong): ThreeA Toys Booth Pics

3A Toys at Toy Soul 2014 (Hong Kong) 10

While we’re talking about 3A Toys, they recently shared pics of the 3A Toys booth at Toy Soul show in Hong Kong. I’ve reposted a few here, including their upcoming 1/12 scale Judge Death. It’s interesting that 2000 A.D. has a couple concurrent licensing deals. In addition to 3A, Mezco showed off their 1/12 scale Judge Dredd at NYCC. It’ll be interesting to see how much overlap there’ll be between the two licensees, both of whose figures I love.

All I can say is that neither company is making these figures fast enough for my liking, although the 3A Toys Judge Death does go up for pre-order next week. While it’s beautiful, I’m not sure if it’s a must-buy for me – I’m still plenty pleased with the Judge Death we got a few years ago in Legendary Comic Book Heroes from Marvel Toys (Toy Biz).

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ThreeA Toys WWR SOTF Civic Dropcloths and Rothchild Field Mechanics Up for Pre-Order Today

3A Toys furthers the World War Robot story line with two 1/6 scale SOTF figures – one is an update to the Dropcloth with 6 colorways, and the other is a new field mechanic with 3 colorways. The figures maintain the level of articulation and detail we expect from 3A, but feature a cleaner aesthetic perhaps indicative that the next stage of robot/human warfare has moved out of the trenches and is more surgical and precise. Of course, I have no idea what SOTF stands for, so I’m just going by what I see here. I’ve also included some pics of the Mule and Bertie bots (not on sale today) in the Civic Defense colorway.

The Dropcloth 1.5 figures go for $160 individually. There’s a commander and 5 versions of the guard, packed randomly. You can also get all six for $860 in the six-pack. The mechanics go for $140 each, and the desert colorway is a 3AA exclusive. You can pre-order them at Bambaland, 3A’s online store.

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ThreeA Toys Launches Transformers License with Premium Scale Bumblebee

3A Toys Transformers Bumblebee 01

3A Toys has the first figure from its Transformers license available for pre-order starting tonight. It’s the premium scale Bumblebee. He stands 15-inches tall and is hyper-articulated, with 65 points of articulation. Despite the articulation, Bumblebee does not transform – but with this level of sculpted detail I don’t think you would really expect that. He features LED lights, but does not feature sounds – so thankfully there’s no radio soundbites cobbled together so he can “talk” to us. (Thanks for that, Michael Bay!)

My wallet is thanking me that I’m not a hardcore Transformers collector – he tips the scales at $390. If you must have this, you can pre-order the 3A Toys Bumblebee at Bambaland for a 2Q’15 delivery.

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