ThreeA Toys Lasstranaut 3AA Membership Exclusive by Moldie XIII

Our long-time friend Moldie is back with a review of the 3AA membership exclusive figure, the Lasstranaut. Check out his previous reviews herehere, here, here, here, and here. Thanks Moldie!

Ahhhh, the ThreeA Toys 2014 membership package… bought and paid for in mid-January, and put on weird indefinite and uncommunicated hold for what seemed like ages and told only that the “seamless lower body was tougher to do than we anticipated,” but that we’d, of course, be very happy with the end results. Promise.

Well, the set’s finally here, and while I have to fully disclose that I wasn’t overly excited about buying it in the first place (a year-long 15% discount does stupid things to a collectors brain), the figure doesn’t disappoint in disappointing.

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ThreeA Toys Helloween to Feature Doctor Doom and More

3A Toys will be holding a Halloween sale again this year at Bambaland, and they’ll have a few treats for your goodie bags. First, they’re continuing the tradition of having a pumpkin-headed zombie available – this one will be a Charkin (the burnt variety compared to the yet to be in flames Zombkin) in the new 8-inch 3AGO / MEGO style. They will also introduce a new 1/6 line, called HEX,from new 3A designer Crystal Jade Vaughan.

Doctor Doom will also be available – three colorways have been revealed so far. Doom on Halloween? I guess the sorcery angle could explain it. Iron Man was pre-sold around Valentine’s Day – and you know, he’s got the bad heart. Holiday theme or just coincidence?

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ThreeA Toys Channels MEGO with New 3AGO Figures

ThreeA Toys has got an army of MEGO-inspired humanoids available for pre-order at Bambaland. For fans who missed out on earlier 1/6 and 1/12 scale releases, 3AGO has included some of the mainstays from the World War Robot and Tomorrow King universes in a new 8-inch format. The MEGO proportions really complement these figures, and at $45 a pop, they’re priced like their smaller 1/12 scale counterparts.

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ThreeA Toys Adventure Kartel Panda Mercs Up for Pre-Order Today

3A Toys Adventure Kartel Panda Mercs 1

We reported earlier today about Threezero’s Tyrion Lannister pre-order, but sibling company 3A Toys has also got a pre-order, going up later today. You can pre-order their Adventure Kartel Panda Mercs starting at 6PM PST at Bambaland. There’s a single, the Handsome Wu merc, for $140, or a 2-pack featuring Wu and F-Legion 6023  for $250 – although some people are speculating about the “Three Fat Tarts” title for the 2-pack.

3A originally planned to have this be the fourth of four AKLUB sets needed to get an exclusive MS Shadow, but reverted to an older plan to make the fourth set with the Zomb MD in a couple of months. So the Pandas are an independent release, with no ties to the AKLUB prereqs.

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Weekend Toy Run: ThreeA Toys Portal 2 ATLAS and P-body On Sale Today Only


We’re on a little Spring Break this week but news of a 3A Toys Portal 2 sale had me drop in for an early edition of Weekend Toy run. The 1/6 scale Portal 2 ATLAS and P-body are on sale at Entertainment Earth for $150 each, with free shipping, today only. This is a damn good deal – they are listed at $199.99 regularly, and this sale price even beats the one that was available to 3AA members when they were up for pre-order directly from 3A back in May last year.

The super-articulated figures stand 11 and 12 inches tall and feature LED lights (with a boot-up sequence), handheld Portal devices, and removable torso sections. If you’re a Portal fan and missed these the first time around, here’s your chance!

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