Toy Fair 2015: DC Collectibles Arrow, the Flash, and Arkham Knight

Toy Fair 2015 DC Collectibles Flash and Arrow (1 of 8)

In addition to their awesome lines for BTAS and DC Comics Icons, DC Collectibles is also continuing to support Warner Bros. TV shows and video games. DCC showed off waves of figures for The Flash, Arrow, and the newest Batman video game, Arkham Knight, which is due out in July this year.

While Constantine was represented in other parts of the showroom, the NBC series has not gotten any love yet. And it may not be forthcoming anytime soon, with NBC not extending the first season beyond the original order of 13 episodes, and the decision for a second season or cancellation still in limbo.

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SDCC 2014: DC Collectibles Arrow, Arkham Knights, and More

SDCC 2014 DC Collectibles Arrow

I posted our pics of the Batman: The Animated Series last night, but DC Collectibles has a lot more in store for fans. While the BTAS figures harken back to the past era of animated shows from DC, the remainder of the DC Collectibles product line focuses on the present. Fans of Arrow and the upcoming spin-off for the Flash will be happy that DCC is doubled down – they’re betting that Flash is going to be as big a hit as Green Arrow and have a figure in the works. Black Canary, Deathstroke, and more versions of Arrow are coming too.

Also keeping with the modern theme, DCC is behind the upcoming Arkham Knights video game. They showed off four figures from the game, including a gorgeous Harley Quinn. Expect more artist-specific lines too, covering recent comic events. And of course, they’ve got New 52 and more DC bombshell statues on the way.

SDCC 2014: Hot Toys Batman / Dark Knight

SDCC 2014 Hot Toys Dark Knight Bat Signal

I know what you were thinking – with Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy wrapped up, our wallets might get a break from Hot Toys Batman stuff. At least until Batman vs. Superman comes out, and because a lot of us hate the idea of Batfleck, maybe that break might go longer. Well, in a word… WRONG.

Hot Toys is making the most of the Dark Knight license adding multi-packs, including a Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth set, and a Robin, Commissioner Gordon, and Bat Signal (oddly called the “Batman Spotlight”) set. And, to top it off, we’re also getting a Batman from the Arkham City game from Hot Toys – because we need that character in every single scale known to action figure collectors.

I forgot to get pics of the Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker version 2, available at Sideshow as a summer “Toy Fairs” exclusive. I’ll go back tomorrow.

SDCC 2014: Square Enix Play Arts Kai Arkham Origins Batman Available to Pre-Order

Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai lines have been favorites of mine for some time, and I’ve been a big fan of their figures from the Batman series of figures that started with Batman: Arkham Asylum. We’re now up to Arkham Origins, and for San Diego Comic-Con this year, Square Enix has an exclusive color variant of Batman.

There’s been some price creep over the past couple years (like with most action figures), to the point where these seem a bit out of reach. At $99, this would be the most expensive Play Arts Kai figure I’ve picked up. The run is limited to one thousand pieces, half of which are available to pre-order at the Square Enix site.

This will likely be a fast sell-out, so pre-ordering may be key. Happy shopping!

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Free Shipping at Sideshow Collectibles for Some Great Deals with Gift Card

As a thank you for hitting 100K followers on the Sideshow Facebook page, they are offering free shipping on a bunch of products, including some from Hot Toys, Medicom, Square Enix, their own stuff, and more. When combined with their May the 4th $25 gift card, which is still redeemable and good through May 31st, there’s a whole bunch of options up for grabs.

Here’s the full list of collectibles available at Sideshow that are eligible for the free shipping and gift card combo. The free shipping deal expires May 29th at 3PM PST. Happy shopping!

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