Star Wars Black Series Wave 2 In Stock with Free Shipping at Entertainment Earth

If you thought you’d need help finding the latest Star Wars figures from Hasbro, look no further – Entertainment Earth has just got Star Wars Black Series wave 2 in stock, with free shipping. They’re only available as a full case for $79.99, which means one of each figure of Han Solo, Princess Leia (in slave outfit, hubba hubba), and bounty hunters Greedo and Boba Fett.

Bounty hunters – we don’t need that scum.

Actually, I still need Greedo! If you’re like me and already have Boba Fett from SDCC, you can still pre-order Han, Leia, and Greedo individually at Amazon. Oddly enough Boba Fett is already pre-sold out. They’re listed at $22.99, but Amazon had the pricing like that for wave 1 but reduced it to $19.99 before shipping – and you’d be covered by their pre-order price guarantee. Happy shopping!

NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya Statues

NYCC 2013 - Kotobukia (1 of 47)

The show’s over, but I’ll have more NYCC galleries over the next couple days.

Kotobukiya is not my typical fare – no budget or space for them – but they produce some of the most beautiful statues from across pop culture domains. They’ve got licenses for movies, video games, comics, and more.

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Weekend Toy Run: AFP Toys for Tots Auction for SDCC Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett

2013 SDCC STAR WARS BLACK SERIES Boba Fett_packaging front 2013 SDCC STAR WARS BLACK SERIES Boba Fett_packaging back 2013 SDCC STAR WARS BLACK SERIES Boba Fett_packaging interior1

Normally, when I have some extra goodies available I’d put them up for a Free Stuff giveaway, because it’s a great way to generate publicity for AFP. I happen to have one of the exclusive Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett, with Han Solo in carbonite here. I was lucky enough to pick one up for myself at SDCC, but when I saw them available on HasbroToyShop, I put in an order for two more. The idea was that I’d be able to get them to get them to collectors that weren’t as lucky.

One of them went to SpyMagician from Spy Monkey Creations (check out their Weaponeers of Monkaa). The other was going to go to another friend, but he managed to pick one up on his own. And while I also had it available to trade for awhile, I decided, given the rarity of the figure, to try something different. So I have Boba Fett and his Han Solo paper weight up on eBay, with a portion of the proceeds going to Toys for Tots.

It’s up with a penny starting bid, no reserve, and free shipping (U.S. only – sorry, international fans). Toys for Tots will get 25% of the proceeds right from the closing price, set up directly through eBay. The way I’ve planned it, if it closes for around what they’re going for right now, then Toys for Tots will get little chunk of change, I’ll cover the cost of the figure and the shipping and eBay fees, and a collector will get a hard-to-find exclusive. Of course, it could also go horribly wrong – but even if it goes for cheap, it’ll still be in a collector’s hands, much like if I did a Free Stuff giveaway – so that wouldn’t be so bad either.

So if you’re still looking for the SDCC exclusive Boba Fett, or just looking to help out Toys for Tots, please consider making a bid. For more pics, check out Sandman’s Boba Fett Quick Pics from SDCC. Thanks, and have a great weekend!