Bandai Thundercats Classics Tygra Quick Pics

If you’re like me, you’re in the height of Thundercats-Mania at the moment. With the new show on Cartoon Network getting better and better each week, and Bandai’s modern and classic styled toys finally starting to trickle out to retail, it’s a great time to be a nostalgia geek like myself.

So to kick things off, let’s take a few quick looks at the new 8″ Classics Tygra!

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Toy Fair 2011 – Bandai Thundercats Video

So, let me come clean – we missed Bandai at Toy Fair. It’s my fault too – the show room was by appointment only, and I didn’t actually make any appointments this year.

Luckily, Bandai PR came to the rescue, with a well-timed press release. Read on for the complete release and a video of the toys.

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Masters of the Universe Classics Mo-Larr vs Skeletor on Sale Again 1/10

If you missed your chance at the Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor 2-pack after San Diego Comic-Con last year, you’ll get your chance again on Monday when has a special sale day. You’ve got Robot Chicken to thank for that, since they’ll feature Mo-Larr in two new episodes on Cartoon Network – this Sunday’s season premiere and next Sunday’s episode, which will reveal Mo-Larr’s secret origin.

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Toynami Naruto Shippuden 2010 SDCC Exclusive Sage Mode Naruto


I’ve been on a Hasbro streak lately with G.I. Joes and Marvel Universe, so I thought I’d shake it up a bit with a figure that I’ve had since Comic-Con. Today we’re taking a look at Toynami’s 2010 SDCC exclusive 4-inch Sage Mode Naruto! This was the first figure I bought at the Con, and as soon as I got back to my hotel room I immediately opened him up! I’m a big fan of the anime, and I’ve ¬†been waiting for a decently articulated figure of Naruto ever since I got hooked on the show.

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Figure Flashback – Bandai Anime Collector’s BIG O

Bandai Anime Collectors Big O

Back in the good ol’ days of 2001, during the hight of popularity for new anime in America, there was a little cartoon block on cable television called “Toonami.” This was where all the awesome action packed shows imported to America showed up, and where several toy lines got their kickstart, including Bandai’s short lived “Anime Collectors” line.

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