Soapbox Sunday: Top Ten DC Universe Classics We’ll Never Get


With Doomsday and the Damian Wayne Robin in my hands, it’s starting to dawn on me that the DC Universe Classics line has finally come to an end – not a hiatus, as I had hoped when Mattel pulled the line from retail, but an end. So there’s no better time to talk about what-ifs.

We all have our favorite characters that never made it into the line. For this installment of Soapbox Sunday, I’ll take a look at my most wanted, and give you my picks for what if we could have one more figure from each of the DC family of characters. Then you can tell me yours.

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Blink and You’ll Miss Them – Mattycollector Flash Sales on the Hour Today

With Toy Guru out of the Mattycollector marketing team line-up, Mattel may need to look at hiring someone to manage their social media a bit more actively. Sure, there were Facebook and Twitter postings about their flash sales, but nothing detailing what figures were actually added to the Mattycollector Cyber Monday sale at 9AM PST – even on the Mattycollector site itself.¬†And I’ll admit I’m a little salty over it.

If the flash sale items appear at the top of the list, then it’s Sky High with the Jet Sled, Castaspella, and Jitsu from Masters of the Universe Classics who showed up. I almost certainly would have bought another Jitsu, but he and Sky High sold out quickly. And as of last viewing, He-Man and Panthor from MOTUC, and the “bound” Doomsday, Larfleeze, Red Hood, Freddy Freeman (Capt. Marvel Jr.), Huntress, Lead, Saint Walker, Wally West Flash, and John Constantine from DC Universe Classics have sold out thus far.

DC Universe Classics on Clearance at Mattycollector’s 7 Days of Cyber Monday

Mattycollector’s “7 Days of Cyber Monday” sale kicked off this morning with Early Access for Club Eternia subscribers. I still find the name odd (at least the sale actually lasts 7 days this year) but am crystal clear on its intent – Mattel wants to clear out its¬†remaining DC Universe Classics figures inventory. Club Infinite Earths figures are priced at $6 each for the regular figures (like Wally West Flash, Phantom Stranger, and Larfleeze) and $9 for the oversized ones (like Lead and Elasti-Girl). I guess good things come to those who wait.

The Classics figures for this year (Connor Kent, Ice, and hook-handed Aquaman) aren’t clearanced – they’re at $23. But Watchmen figures have been knocked down to $15 each from $20 and the horribly over-priced Super Powers figures are at $24 from $30. If you were hoping to get the Doomsday Unleashed figure at 20% off, you’re out of luck – to get him at $32 you had to also buy the prison costumed version from SDCC, and he sold out early on this morning. The unleashed Doomsday is still available as of this writing, but at the full $40 price.

Rounding out the sale, Masters of the Universe Classics from Club Eternia and Club Etheria prior to 2014 have been knocked down to $21.60 from $27. And Ghostbuster 2-packs with the removable proton packs are down to $40 from $50. Finally, Loo-Kee and Kowl, the Club Eternia chase figures, are up – still at $20.

All access to the 7 Days of Cyber Monday sale starts tomorrow at 9AM PST.

SDCC 2014: DC Collectibles Arrow, Arkham Knights, and More

SDCC 2014 DC Collectibles Arrow

I posted our pics of the Batman: The Animated Series last night, but DC Collectibles has a lot more in store for fans. While the BTAS figures harken back to the past era of animated shows from DC, the remainder of the DC Collectibles product line focuses on the present. Fans of Arrow and the upcoming spin-off for the Flash will be happy that DCC is doubled down – they’re betting that Flash is going to be as big a hit as Green Arrow and have a figure in the works. Black Canary, Deathstroke, and more versions of Arrow are coming too.

Also keeping with the modern theme, DCC is behind the upcoming Arkham Knights video game. They showed off four figures from the game, including a gorgeous Harley Quinn. Expect more artist-specific lines too, covering recent comic events. And of course, they’ve got New 52 and more DC bombshell statues on the way.

SDCC 2014: Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 Scale DC and Marvel Super-Heroes

SDCC 2014 Sideshow Collectibles One Sixth Scale DC Super-Heroes

Sideshow’s done a bit of hocus pocus with their 1/6 scale super-heroes. They started with some Bat-villains with Harley Quinn, Joker, and Catwoman before revealing their Batman. At that point, I was a little intrigued. Then, the big blue boy scout himself, Superman, and I was starting to get hooked.

Now, in addition to Batman and Superman, they brought out Green Lantern and Flash from DC, and Deadpool and Wolverine from Sideshow’s newly-announced Marvel 1/6 line.

DC and Marvel, in the same scale, by the same company? Now, I’m done. Check out our Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 Scale DC and Marvel Super-Heroes pics and let me know what you think.

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