SDCC 2012: Toynami Street Fighter Hello Kitty Mashup Plush Exclusive

Chun Li - Square Enix, Toynami, SOTA

Yes, I took a picture of Hello Kitty for AFP. But this isn’t just any Hello Kitty – it’s Chun Li from Street Fighter in her Alpha costume, and she’s flanked by the most awesome Chun Li action figures ever made – by Square Enix and SOTA. Surely that buys me back some of my gangsta street cred, right? 🙂

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SDCC 2012: Mezco Toyz Booth Pics

I love Mezco Toyz – they’ve made some of my favorite action figures with the Hellboy movie and comic lines. Now they’ve got a handful of pop culture licenses, with a range of items like large scale Thundercats to 2-inch Mez-Itz from The Dark Knight franchise. I’ve got a 6-inch Wonder Woman Mez-Itz (she is awesome) that I should be taking some pics of when I get back home. To my buddy Airmax – thanks again!

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SDCC 2012: Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Booth Pics

Diamond Select Toys has really been wowing me with their latest Marvel Select figures. As you know, I’m a big Legends fan, but I dig it when there’s an oversized figure that can be fudged into my display. They’ve also been knocking it out of the park with their classic X-Men and the Danger Room diorama pieces. And remember that Marvel Select Rhino? He’s every bit as awesome as when we first saw pics.

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SDCC 2012: DC Collectibles Booth Pics

DC Collectibles (9) (1280x721).jpgDC Collectibles (10) (1280x718).jpg

Yep, I’ve still got more pics from San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s some shots from the DC Collectibles portion of the DC Comics booth. One highlight was the diorama of the new Darkseid figure surrounded by the new 52 Justice League of America and an army of Parademons. I also shot the mini-diorama of the new 3.75-inch scaled Green Lantern figures.

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SDCC 2012: Marvel Universe Elektra and Mysterio

Marvel Universe Elektra (2) (1278x1280).jpgMarvel Universe Mysterio (2) (1278x1280).jpg

Over the course of Comic-Con, Hasbro added some new figures to their Marvel Universe display (see our SDCC 2012: Hasbro Marvel Universe Preview Night post for more pics) – Elektra and Mysterio were the final additions, and are marked as the first MU wave for 2013.

For those of you who were disappointed at the lack of Marvel Universe reveals, take heart – Hasbro assures us that the line is still going strong. Dwight Stall was telling folks at the Hasbro booth that they had shown a lot of upcoming product at New York Comic Con and Toy Fair. Later at the Hasbro Marvel panel, the team indicated that the retail channel was a little backed up with respect to MU, due to the shelf space occupied by the Avengers line. I think these two things together have pushed some of that upcoming product out a cycle or two – hence the lack of new stuff to show.

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