DC Collectibles Reveal New Earth 2 Action Figure Line and More for New York Comic Con

DC Collectibles has released pics of its Earth 2 action figures and their upcoming statue commemorating Neil Gaiman’s return to Sandman. Call me old school, but I find a lot of the new Earth 2 designs hokey. Wonder Woman is the most appealing, with the cues to the Golden Age Wonder Woman, but Green Lantern and especially Flash look particularly silly.


Debuts Include a ‘Sandman Overture’ Statue, ‘Justice League: War’ Action Figures, and ‘Earth 2’ Action Figures

DC Collectibles, the exclusive line of collector items from DC Entertainment, announced today it will reveal two new action figure lines and a new statue at New York Comic Con (Oct. 10-13). Big reveals include action figures based on the upcoming animated movie JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR and top selling DC Comics – The New 52 title EARTH 2, as well as a new statue based on the upcoming Sandman Overture series. The products will be discussed during the DC Collectibles official panel on Friday, October 11 from 11:15am – 12:15pm ET in Room 1A10.

Additionally, DC Collectibles will offer two Con Exclusives for sale in the Graphitti Designs booth (#755). The first a Super Best Friends Forever: Poison Ivy PVC Figure that measures 6.625” tall and is priced at $24.95. The second continues the line of two-pack 3.75” action figures. Priced at $29.95, the new set features Hal Jordan and Saint Walker.

“It’s been an amazing year for DC Collectibles. I’m super proud of the team and excited to round out the year at New York Comic Con 2013 by announcing a new ongoing action figure series based on the upcoming slate of Warner Bros.’ DC animated films and also a wave of EARTH-2 action figures,” stated DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. “We are also celebrating the launch of Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN OVERTURE series with a beautiful new statue designed by stunning artist J.H. Williams.”

DC Collectibles products that will be unveiled at New York Comic Con include:

  • Justice League: War The Flash Action Figure – 6″
  • Justice League: War Green Lantern Action Figure – 6”
  • Justice League: War Shazam! Action Figure – 6”
  • Justice League: War Superman Action Figure – 6”
  • Justice League: War Wonder Woman Action Figure – 6”
  • DC Comics – The New 52: EARTH2 Batman Action Figure – 6”
  • DC Comics – The New 52: EARTH 2 Green Lantern Action Figure – 6”
  • DC Comics – The New 52: EARTH 2 The Flash Action Figure – 6”
  • DC Comics – The New 52: EARTH 2 Wonder Woman Action Figure – 6”
  • SANDMAN OVERTURE Statue by J. H. Williams – 9”

DC Collectibles products are available in comic book shops everywhere and online at www.shopdccollectibles.com.


Soapbox Sunday: DC’s Deserving – a Guest Post by Cliff Francis

It’s been some time since we’ve heard from Cliff Francis, Publisher Emeritus of Costume Contumely. It took the cancellation of Mattel’s Club Infinite Earths DC subscription to bring him back for this special guest edition of Soapbox Sunday. Read on, as Cliff employs the latest in computer technology to reveal how Mattel could have saved Club Infinite Earths. You can read more from Cliff at Costume Contumely as well as a couple of pieces Cliff has contributed here at AFP. Excelsior!


MattyCollector’s Club Infinite Earths subscription has died, and with it, the entire existence of 6″ DC Universe Classics action figures has been wiped out as if swept away by a crackling, white Crisis wall.

I confess that I feel tremendous schadenfreude over this. Mattel ran this property into the ground from the very beginning and only managed to produce a measly 200-something figures over the span of six years. I have a personal theory that Mattel wanted this line to fail from the start, and was willing to lose money along the way in order to save money in the end by having the line die. But that’s not what this article is about.

This article is about the central problem with Mattel’s 6″ DC line. The fault that engineered the line’s downfall. The “reason for the treason,” if you will. So what is it?

Character selection. Pure and simple.

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It’s a Good Time to Jumpstart Your Mattel DC New 52 Collection at Amazon.com

DC Comics Unlimited Superman Collector Action Figure Batman New 52 DC Universe Batman Unlimited Action Figure DC Comics Unlimited Wonder Woman Collector Figure DC Comics Unlimited Darkseid Collector Figure DC Comics Unlimited Aquaman Collector Figure

Speaking of the New 52 – if 1/12 is your preferred scale, then it’s a good time to build up your DC Universe Classics collection. A while back it was hard to land even some of the mainstays of the New 52, but now Superman, Batman, and more are available at the normal $15.99 price at Amazon.com, qualifying for free shipping for purchases over $25.

Wonder Woman completes the trinity but is being sold by a third party for $19.99. She’s still being fulfilled by Amazon, so the free shipping still applies. Happy shopping!

WebSwipe: New DC Collectibles Video Game Figures and Statues, Including the Best Arkham Batman Yet – New York Post

DCC has revealed some new video game collectibles through the New York Post, and one in particular is just awesome. It’s the Arkham Origins Batman. I have really enjoyed the Arkham series of Batman games but the design and figures for Batman fell a little flat off of the big screen TV. The nearest I came to buying one was the Batman from DCC Arkham wave 4 – it’s the same design as the others, but it’s got the super-poseable articulation scheme of the 4-inch DCC figures.

So while I haven’t paid much attention to the design for the new Origins game, if it’s anything like this figure then I think they’ve nailed it for this game. My understanding is that Gentle Giant had its hand in this new Batman.

FIRST LOOK: DC’s latest video-game action figures and statues

The great thing about video games these days is you get to reach out and touch the characters. And DC Collectibles knows it.

Arkham Origins BatmanArkham Origins Black MaskInfinite Crisis MOBA Atomic Age Wonder WomanInfinite Crisis MOBA Nightmare Batman

Given the popularity of the “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” “Batman: Arkham City” and “Injustice: Gods Among Us” action-figure lines, the company is rolling out two new series this fall – and Post Game Report has the exclusive, first look.

Closest to my heart (and wallet) are action figures from the hotly anticipated “Batman: Arkham Origins” video game. Batman gets a whole new outfit in the prequel and we get the frightening and dapper Black Mask to boot. They’re due out in October and will be in the typical 6.75” scale. They’ll be about 25 clams each.

On the higher end, however, are statues based on the upcoming “Infinite Crisis” free-to-play MOBA game which will feature different versions of the DC stable of characters.

There’s Nightmare Batman (reminiscent of artist Kelley Jones’ depiction of the Dark Knight) and what just might be the most badass Amazon warrior I’ve ever seen – the chainsaw-wielding Atomic Age Wonder Woman. Each runs about $125, so these are really for the hardcore collector. Batman is due out in September, Wonder Woman in November.

via FIRST LOOK: DC’s latest video-game action figures and statues.

Wonder Woman on Sale at DC Collectibles

After seeing the Injustice Doomsday reveal, I was browsing through the DC Collectibles site and noticed that a lot of the Wonder Woman items are on sale right now. I am guessing this not just a random occurrence, but I haven’t seen any promotional activity of the sale – maybe it’s for Mother’s Day? Here’s the Wonder Woman figures that are on sale, including a superb deal on the Flashpoint set.

Other items are on sale too, including Wonder Woman’s Bust. I didn’t post the picture, but I figure some of you might click through just to see it. (Spoiler – those bracelets are used for more than blocking bullets!)

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