DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Martian Manhunter

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It’s November and you know what that means? DC Universe Classics Waves crashing down on us, one after the other! Yes, it’s another end of the year deluge from Mattel. I’m just finishing up DCUC 15 and already DCUC 14 (yeah, I know this sounds weird) is hitting Wal-Marts all over the USA. Even better, looks like Green Lantern Classics Wave 1 isn’t too far behind. So let’s get on to the big gun of DC Universe Classics 15 – Martian Manhunter!

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Unless you’re a DCUC fan/collector that’s been hiding in a cave for the last 8 months, you’re probably well aware that J’onn comes in two versions, normal headed (so as not to scare the Earthlings) and his scythe handed, pointed headed Martian look. If you haven’t been keeping up with DCUC posts here at AFP, be sure to check out my earlier article about Martian Manhunter’s Hidden Feature, which would help free shelf space if you’re collection is getting cramped. đŸ˜‰ If you’re too lazy to click the link, the big surprise is his heads and right hands are tooled to be swappable but be careful with the right hand, the peg hole is kinda tight.

DCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 005.jpgDCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 006.jpgDCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 007.jpgDCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 008.jpgDCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 009.jpg

DCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 010.jpgDCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 011.jpgDCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 012.jpgDCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 013.jpgDCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 014.jpg

J’onn is an interesting mix of body parts. His upper body is most definitely a reuse of the DCUC 6 Hawkman and from his waist to knees looks to be the same corresponding parts used for the Black Adam/Wildcat/John Stewart style body. Like Jemm, Martian Manhunter’s lower legs are longer than standard DCUC male legs to help increase his height and he has boot cut swivel joints for buccaneer boot swivel action!

DCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 017.jpgDCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 016.jpg

DCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 022.jpgDCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 023.jpg

Originally I wasn’t going to get the “Martian features” variant, but  during the $8 sale at Kmart, I couldn’t pass him up. Hell, for $8 I almost wanted to get a whole ‘nother set!

DCUC 15 Martian Manhunter 020.jpg
Big muscles with bulging veins!

They were a little hard to find but there are Martian Manhunter figures that come with correct, matching biceps. The word from Matty regarding the bicep shuffle in our last Ask Matty Round-Up is >

The larger veined arms were intended. It appears due to a vendor error some were produced with the unintended bicep which we corrected as soon as possible.

DCUC 15 Martian Manhunter V 028.jpg
Be careful when doing the hand swap, the wrist peghole can be tight!

If you try to attempt the hand swap, give the forearms about a 30 second blast from a hair dryer to soften it up a bit before trying to pop the hands out. FYI > the left hand was NOT made to be swappable and has a normal cone shaped peg. So don’t try to pull that one out.

DCUC 15 Martian Manhunter V 026.jpg

DCUC 15 Martian Manhunter V 030.jpg

So there you have it! Martian Manhunter, the heart of the JLA and one of the most fan coveted characters is finally available in DC Universe Classics in, not one, but two flavors for your DCUC collecting pleasure!

Justice League 001
The 'toon League! Kinda...

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I passed on this wave’s Super Powers connection, Golden Pharaoh, so I’ll wrap up my DCUC 15 reviews with the awesome C&C figure of Validus next and then it’s on to Wal-Mart Exclusive Wave 14!