CC36: Watchmen Minimates by Brian Felgar


The longest-running block figure line in history is taking on one of the most popular graphic novels of all time – Watchmen Minimates!

This exclusive series brings you the key characters from the fan-favorite work of comic literature: Rorschach, the mysterious masked gumshoe; Nite Owl, the reluctant caped hero; the sultry, scantily-clad crime fighter Silk Spectre; Comedian, the lunatic patriot; the omnipotent, all-powerful Doctor Manhattan; and Ozymandias, the mastermind behind the end of the world as we know it!

Each character comes loaded with accessories and is ready to recreate your favorite scenes from the comic masterpiece.

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CC36: Clash of the Titans by Joshua Izzo


The year is 1982 and the world’s imagination has been captivated by the daring cinematic exploits of PERSEUS, CALIBOS, PEGASUS and the deadly KRAKEN!

CLASH OF THE TITANS is a run-away success and toy-maker MATTEL has decided to expand their highly-popular CLASH OF THE TITANS toy line with all-new offerings!  Kids of all ages can now relive their favorite moments from this epic fantasy of good versus evil!  Collect them all!

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CustomCon 36 – Day Two of Three

CustomCon 36 - Day Two

DAY TWO: Wednesday, December 11

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CC36: DC Universe Classics – Steve Ditko Classics by Charles Rouse-Rodriguez


Remembering the classic designs of Steve Ditko DC classics has created the Silver Age Captain Atom to fight three of his most evil enemies! The Fiery Icer and the deadly duo Punch and Jewelee!

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