Toy Fair 2014: Batman: The Animated Series Headlines New Reveals for DC Collectibles

The big show hasn’t officially started, but the toy companies are already ahead of the game. With a reveal in USA Today and an item in the full line-up of their Toy Fair press release, DC Collectibles announced they would be turning to one of the most beloved properties in the DC animated universe for a set of new toy lines. Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures will be the design source for 6-inch figures. While these will be in an animated style, it looks like DCC will be incorporating more than the 5 points of articulation you might expect.

Limited runs of animated figures are not unprecedented (DCC produced figures for 2007’s Superman / Doomsday animated movie), but with 6 seasons of shows and numerous animated movies, the Timm-verse could provide as deep a character set as DCC’s foray into Blackest Night, for example.

The rest of the Toy Fair line-up stays closer to DC Collectibles’ wheelhouse. There’s more New 52 and Designer Series (this time Greg Capullo) on the way, as well as lines tied to popular DC comic book events, like Infinite Crisis and Son of Batman.

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Weekend Toy Run: Save up to 50% at Shop DC Entertainment’s 2nd Black Friday Sale

ShopDCEntertainment Black Friday Returns

I know it’s the holiday season and that we should expect sales, but I’m exhibiting my crotchety old man ways and hating on the overuse of terms like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the like. A couple weeks ago, I was at my front door screaming at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn when I heard about Brown Thursday and Mattycollector’s 8 Day Cyber Monday Week that started on Tuesday, and nearly had an aneurysm. [/rant]

This weekend, you’ll be able to pick up a bunch of stuff from DC Collectibles at Shop DC Entertainment’s “Black Friday Returns!” sale. For example, the MAD Just-Us-League figures are back on sale for over half off. But there’s even more stuff – 337 items in total on sale, including action figures, busts, statues, phone cases, and clothing. The sale features DC merchandise from other partners too, including Mattel (Man of Steel and DC Unlimited stuff), Square Enix Play Arts Kai figures from Arkham, DC LEGO sets, and DC Mimobots from Mimoco, to name a few. There’s even the Hot Toys Camo Tumbler.

The best discounts are on the DC Collectibles stuff, as you might expect. I’m just trying to prep myself for the next couple of Black Fridays until Christmas (which thankfully falls on a Wednesday) is over. Bah humbug!

Giant 31-Inch Action Figures for $25 at’s Cyber Monday

For $25, I don’t think this Walmart Cyber Monday deal for 31-inch action figures is the best deal ever, but they do have the BEST PRODUCT PICS ever. That’s gotta be worth something! 😀

Giant 31-inch Action Figure - Superman Giant 31-inch Action Figure - Batman Giant 31-inch Action Figure - Darth Vader

Your Choice Giant 31″ Action Figure – from $24.97

  • Superman Man of Steel Giant 31″ Action Figure
  • Power Rangers Mega Force Giant 31″ Red Ranger Action Figure
  • My Size Star Wars Darth Vader Action Figure
  • Superman Man of Steel 31″ Action Figure
  • Batman Giant 31″ Action Figure
  • Star Wars Utapau Clone Trooper 31″ Action Figure

via Your Choice Giant 31″ Action Figure: Action Figures :

Superman Man of Steel Movie Masters Jor-El Cyber Monday Deal at – $7.69 Until 1PM PST

Superman Man of Steel Movie Masters Jor-el Action Figure 1 Superman Man of Steel Movie Masters Jor-el Action Figure 2 Superman Man of Steel Movie Masters Jor-el Action Figure 3

A couple months ago, Jor-El was one of the tougher Man of Steel Movie Masters figures to find. Until 1PM PST today, or while supplies last, he’s one of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals for the great price of $7.69. They also had the black-suited Man of Steel Superman up earlier, but he’s already sold out at the $9.99 deal price and now back up to $13.31.

Reminder – Hourly Flash Sales Promised for Mattycollector Cyber Monday

Since the Mattycollector Cyber Monday sale kicked off last Tuesday, four items have sold out. Masters of the Universe Classics Granymyr was first to go, during Early Access. Since then, Hordak, Orko, and Battle Armor Skeletor have joined him.

What could we see during the hourly flash sales? I think the Spirit of Hordak may come out of hiding. Do you think customer service stock for the Horde Trooper 2-pack and subscriber-only figures like Sea Hawk could show up?

7 Days of Cyber Monday

We’ve got 7 whole days of steals, deals and Matty madness! It’s your chance to snag special offers, extra cart discounts, and some hard to find items you’ve been eyeing all year. Early Access starts on Tuesday morning before Black Friday, with All Access on Wednesday morning, and the sale continues until 9:00 a.m. PT on Tuesday morning, 12/3.

Extra Cart Discounts! Save 10% off your entire order if you spend $100-$199 and 20% off your entire order if you spend $200 or more! Please note these extra discounts apply only to discounted items and will not apply to The Cyber 6!.

Be sure you check in often on Monday, 12/2 for hourly flash sales with special pricing that come and go… you never know what you might find!

Important Note: Cart discounts do not apply to full price items. Mattel reserves the right to change the sale price at any time and all sales are final. All items are limited to stock on hand. Refunds for defective items only; no replacements.

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